Whether you live where the winter is typically light-jacket weather, or where it feels like snow is at your doorstep every day, winter is generally a time of year when we spend more time indoors than any other season. Why not use this time to look around your home and make a list of the repairs or upgrades you’ve been putting off and get a professional in to help? Consider the possibilities of each room:

Living room:  Could the fireplace do with a new mantle? A custom entertainment center and shelving?  If your carpets have seen its share of traffic it may be time to replace it with hard wood flooring. Have you been meaning to have someone install recessed lighting? Crown molding? Now is the perfect time to make this space stand out.

Kitchen: You made it through the holidays and you’re now ready to plan some updates to the kitchen and make this high-traffic room better suited for your entertaining and cooking needs. Do you need more storage--a walk in pantry perhaps? Do you want an island with a breakfast bar?

Bathroom: Do you have a walk in shower without a threshold? Do you want your feet walking on warm tile every morning? Is it time for new tile? Do the cabinets need to be replaced? An efficient, comfort height toliet? A Tornado Body Dryer?

Laundry room: Has Pinterst or Houzz given you ideas on how to design an attractive multi-functional laundry room? Do you want a space for crafts? Add some shelves for easier access to laundry products. Put in a counter for folding and sorting. Or make your life a little easier by having a built-in ironing center installed. 

Guest room: Brighten this space with a fresh coat of paint. Install a built-in desk for visitors who need to work while they are in town. Add a wall-mounted flat screen television to save space and make the room cozier for guests.

Little changes and upgrades make a big difference. There are plenty of projects and repairs throughout your home that can keep you busy when it’s just too chilly to go outside. Why not start that list now?


Therefore, prepare your mind for action. 1 Peter 1:13




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