Spring is the sweet spot for enjoying great weather. Did you know the average low in Phoenix is below 80 degrees thru June? That gives us many days to be comfortable outside. Having a well designed outdoor room is a smart way to increase the livable space for entertaining, dining, and relaxing. Did you know research has found being outside will improve your health too?  Being outdoors improves short term memory and concentration, vision, elevates mood, and lowers the risk of an early death to name a few of the health benefits.

Plan for Success. Determine what you need and want for your lifestyle. Do you love to cook? Include an outdoor kitchen!  Are you a romantic? Have a gazebo! Do you like to gather friends and family? Get a pavilion! Do you want an intimate, cozy space for conversation for a few, or a bigger group? Do you want to define the space to facilitate dancing? exercising? games? birdwatching? watching the sun rise or set? Do you want to blur the line between when the house ends and the outdoors begins with a moveable glass wall? It will make the house seem larger. Do you have a pool and need an outdoor shower to rinse off? Do you want to facilitate a garden?

Create the environment. To maximize using the space, you will want to create a microclimate to make it more comfortable than being in the direct sun. A patio cover provides solid shade, and since warm air rises, the higher the ceiling, the better. Ceiling fans can provide a breeze that helps one feel ten degrees cooler. You may want to provide additional shade with a roll down screen or some attractive outdoor curtains when the sun is at a level that it is shining into the patio area. It creates a wonderful atmosphere to have curtains billowing in a soft breeze. Removing patio columns can make the most of the view and experience of the space.

Create the atmosphere. The design details can make the place a magnet for use. Nothing can suggest romantic, fun or party like the choice in lighting. There can be a mix of string lights, rope lights, as well as dimmable lighting. If dining outdoors, a big part of our enjoying food is it being bright enough to see what we have! You can define the look and feel of the space with the flooring selection, which can include concrete staining. There is even tile that looks like wood planks that can make it reminiscent of a wood deck. Do you want to enjoy the sound of a fountain or the view of a dancing fire?

It is definitely smart to get more use out of the space you have for your enjoyment. What a gift it is to have an oasis in your own backyard! Call early to meet with our professional designers to make a plan and get on the schedule. Spring tends to be a busy time for contractors everywhere!


Jesus said...whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life. John 4:14

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