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Try an Open Floor Plan for your Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling


You had the best made plans for a dinner party at your house.   A great menu was selected, and you were going to have the house clean and the food ready ahead of time.  But things take longer and real life throws in things you did not plan in your day!

The food was delicious, there were lots of laughter, as the guests left everyone said had a great time- except you.  Why?  You were isolated in the kitchen getting the food ready, restocking appetizers, and pulling the meal together.  A few people helped at various times, but there isn’t the space for a group to migrate and mingle there to be with you. You couldn’t even hear the jokes!

If this sounds too familiar, and you are ready for your Phoenix kitchen remodeling, consider an open floor plan!  An open floor plan means that dividing walls between the kitchen and the adjacent room is knocked down to create one large open space.  It is a very popular floor solution for busy homeowners, and for those who want to be connected with others in the house.

If you are still unsure, here are some benefits to an open floor plan that you might consider.

  • With an open floor plan, this larger space allows friends or family to congregate in the kitchen and be with you.  No one gets stuck in the kitchen separated from the group. In fact, if you are in there creating, the kitchen might even become the focal point of the gathering.
  • An open floor plan makes it easier to keep an eye on children.  Whether it is maintaining their safety at play, awareness of what they are watching on tv or online, or helping them with homework or a project, a separate kitchen does not facilitate this. Its tough to be cooking in the kitchen and having to go into the next room to attend to their needs.  With no wall in your way, you can cook, keep the children in sight, and tend to their needs while still keeping an eye on the stove- a much needed relief for all parents and grandparents.
  • Open floor plans lend themselves to allowing more natural light into a home.  Walls block light, so tearing down walls will allow sunlight to flood more space.  More natural light makes for a brighter, cozier feel to your home and to your kitchen.  And, having access to more windows from the adjacent room, ventilation can be much improved in the kitchen.
  • Space.  Most likely, one huge reason you are remodeling is to redesign the space to fit your lifestyle needs—you’re current kitchen doesn’t do all you need it to which complicates life and adds stress!  A professionally designed Phoenix kitchen remodeling will help give you the space you need for storage, food prep, and social needs. Did you ever consider that upper wall cabinets can actually make your kitchen seem even smaller?  Open up your kitchen by knocking down the wall to the adjacent room. Both rooms will seem bigger and you will truly have the relaxed feeling of more space as you enjoy your new kitchen.


If you are ready to start planning your Phoenix kitchen remodeling, contact us at Cook Remodeling & Custom Construction to explore the possibilities for your remodeling needs.  Perhaps your kitchen will be the next one of ours featured online or in a magazine!

Happy Kitchen Remodeling!


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