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Do You Have an Outdoor Living Space?

The Nana WallA great way to experience a larger home is to extend the living area to the outdoors.  Large glass walls that seamlessly bring the outdoors in are popular, attractive, and can increase the value of your home.

How many times would you like to be outside to take a break, to read, to eat, to relax or nap, to entertain in beautiful weather if you had an inviting outdoor living room waiting for your use?  It is getting easier to extend the home to an outdoor room. The room can be open or enclosed to insulate against extreme weather, and control the dust, opening it up as you use it.  There are movable glass walls that have screen systems if you want to keep out mosquitoes.

There are more options in movable glass walls that offer ease of use for many years.  They are made with wood, aluminum (some you can have clad with wood on the interior), and vinyl.  You can have insulated Low E glass, and custom glass, e.g. sand blasted for privacy.  They come with level (flush) single track systems that are AAMA-rated. They are weather proof—and can even be hurricane rated.

Nana Walls  have created efficient systems that have been featured in the U.S. Dept. or Energy’s annual Solar Decathlon competition houses.  They offer long lasting performance, durability, and weather resistance and are Energy Star Approved, NFRC Certified and have been acoustically tested.  They are just as weather tight and energy efficient as windows.

Solar Innovations offers the largest folding glass wall currently on the market (3′ x 10′ and 3′ ½” x 9′ ½”).  Western Window Systems has an excellent photo gallery  illustrating homes that seamlessly transition to the outdoors on their website.

It may make more sense to create a large opening to create an outdoor room, than it is to build a room addition.  Your professional remodeler can also advise you if it makes more sense to use a sliding glass wall that disappears into a pocket, or a folding door.

Enjoying the great outdoors can be just steps away!

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