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Phoenix bathroom remodeling: How Do I Pick My Contractor?

Bathrooms get a lot of wear and tear and it is essential that the bathroom stays in top shape. With a bathroom being a high humidity room for personal hygiene, it is important for you, your family and guests that the bathroom is looking great and everything is in good condition. Hence, bathroom remodeling is unlike any other renovation in the house, and it is important to find an experienced remodeling contractor.

The bathroom contains elements that are much more complicated than it looks. Inside bathroom walls are components with very specific building code requirements for a homeowner’s protection.  For example, improperly installed plumbing lines can cause too low or high water pressure, noisy pipes (including a “hammer’ sound when water flow is shut off signaling that pipes and joints have been stressed), and odors from improperly installed sewer lines.  It is annoying not having enough water pressure to rinse soap and shampoo!  A reputable contractor provides trusted and experienced professionals to keep homeowners experience happy with the results for years to come.

With a bathroom also being used as a place of grooming, an experienced designer will work with you to plan for adequate storage, lighting, and electrical power for appliances. Electric toothbrushes are increasingly popular, and you don’t want to store them on the counter, but tuck them away in a convenient location.  How you shave or style your hair will be taken into consideration. With your needs in mind, your design should make your day-to-day living easier!

Pulling off a fantastic bathroom remodel takes talent and experience only a tenured contractor can provide.  How does one go about finding a contractor that will deliver? A quick perusal of the newspaper or yellow pages will net many ads for phoenix bathroom remodeling general and subcontractors. Unfortunately, the clever advertisements may be more of an indication of a good marketing company, rather than a good contractor!

Start by checking Angie’s List to read reports that consumers have posted about contractors.  Make sure you read a good sampling, for there are people out there that no one could please, and aren’t a good representative.  From there check out their website.  What does it say about them? How long have they been in business?  Are they committed to ongoing education and do they provide community education through a blog, Facebook, Pinterest, etc?   Do they offer great solutions, like a groutless shower? From that research, choose two, at the most, three to interview.

Few would ever consider hiring a contractor for remodeling based on price.  No one wants the cheapest labor and materials used on their own home. Not only do you want quality of product, you want to have quality customer service.  Ask, do they have their own staff running the project (which could mean better quality and scheduling), or is everything done by subcontractors?  Are they dealers for quality cabinetry?  Have they negotiated discounts for items such as countertops, flooring, fixtures?  Is the designer knowledgeable about water sense certified selections that are available?  Both quality and “green” products will save you money in the long run.

Ask for references from recently completed similar projects.  Ask the client if the cost of the project was the same as the contract price (unless they changed the original project).  How the schedule was run.  Also ask for references from a subcontractor.  Ask the subcontractor if the company pays them timely—it’s a sign of a financially solid company.

Avoid contractors that ask you to obtain the permits (so they can avoid liability), or who want cash only.  Be wary of inexperienced contractors who may not know how to bid properly. Unprofitable companies may bid a project low just to get cash to pay past debts and it’s a house of cards that could collapse during your project.

When comparing two company’s bids, ask yourself if the higher priced bid could be from the company having higher standards of customer service.  A reputable contractor will recruit and retain higher quality professionals, and use higher quality materials, and the end result is worth it.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions on choosing a bathroom remodeling contractor.


Happy home remodeling!

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