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Phoenix Green Home Remodeling to Save Money

The majority of homeowners surveyed by the National Association of Home Builders said having a green home is either somewhat or very important to 77% of those polled.  It is evident that more than ever, there is a high interest in Phoenix green home remodeling goals to lower utility expenses and have a healthy, eco-friendly home.   With so many days of unhealthy air pollution in the city, it is very important to have a healthy indoor environment.

Between technological advancements and more efficient products over the last ten years, home remodeling can bring about significant monthly savings.  A recent client of ours discovered after green home remodeling that their utility bills were lowered over $400 a month!  Along with benefit of saving money, there can be tax credits and utility company rebates available as an incentive to offset the cost of qualifying home improvements.

The energy consumed by home appliances has dropped sharply since 2000.  If a homeowner has a limited budget, they can retrofit and replace inefficient appliances.  New refrigerators, dishwashers, and clothes washers combined account for a 43% decrease in energy consumption. Did you know that an average energy star rated refrigerator will consume less energy than a 60 watt light bulb?  But don’t reuse the old one as a second refrigerator, it will negate your savings and defeat the objective!   Don’t send a unit to a landfill either, it contains toxic refrigerants.  If the appliance is working, sell or donate it, or check with your municipality if they will recycle it.

Windows are a primary source of heat gain in the summer, and heat loss in the winter.  If you have single pane windows, replacing them with dual and triple pane windows can have a dramatic effect.  Not only can it make a significant difference with better insulation, it can help lessen fading of your home decor from direct sunlight.  If you are doing an addition or guest house, ask your remodeler if they have any windows in inventory you can use at a discount.

There are other considerations in Phoenix green home remodeling, the impact on our environment.  Specify local or Made in the USA of sustainable or recycled materials.  With homes becoming better insulated and “air tight”, set the standard of no or low toxic off gassing (VOCs) to make the indoor air as good as or better than the outdoors. And to help make the outdoor air better and lower a car driver’s carbon footprint, use Smog Eating Roof Tile!

One note of caution.  There are manufacturers that claim their product is green, but in reality, they are not. A showerhead or a toilet could qualify in theory to be “green”, but if it takes twice as long to rinse out shampoo and the aerator makes you use more hot water—or if it takes several flushes to rid the toilet bowl of its contents, that’s not really green, is it?

Using an experienced remodeler who is trained in green home remodeling strategies can result in saving thousands of dollars annually.  Beyond your enjoyment, a well designed home with energy star rated products is attractive to buyers when it is time to sell.


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