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Phoenix Home Improvement Tips on a Remodeling Budget

Making the home remodeling budget go far for a Phoenix home improvement is a goal of most homeowners. Here are some remodeling ideas to get the most for your money while you make the most out of your home improvement.

kitchen island

The most lived in space, the heart and hub of the home, is the kitchen.   It serves as both a command center, and grand central station!  What can you do to refresh your home and make it a new hot spot with your kitchen remodel?

Add a custom kitchen island!

An island is a fabulously functional feature to add to any kitchen remodeling project.  Great for gatherings and useful for prep, storage, and extra seating, this kitchen accessory covers many bases with its unique form and function.

Because an island is easy to incorporate into just about any floor plan, the possibilities are endless.  It should be strategically sized to conform to the rest of the kitchen.  A good designer will interview you to determine needs and solutions such as including multiple counter heights or built in appliances for your kitchen remodel.

To add visual interest, differentiate the island from the rest of the cabinetry by using a different wood or finish, and a different countertop surface.  Consider adding legs or feet to your island to make it look more like a piece of furniture.  It can become the showpiece that will still work for you if you remodel the rest of the kitchen at a later date.  It is a way to get a premium look if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.

The most expensive spaces, are those that are underutilized.   We become accustomed to layout of floor plans because it is what we grew up with, bought and are familiar with.  A good designer will have an eye to suggest modifications to capitalize on space to make your life easier with a Phoenix home improvement.

Do you have a formal dining room that gathers dust waiting to be used a couple times a year?  If you are creative in the kitchen, you many want that space for such things as a walk-in pantry.  Maybe you would prefer to transform it into a home office or hobby space for routine use.  Many people do not realize the possibilities available with cabinet design to customize a space.

Another area popular to capture is a portion of the patio. It can become a breakfast nook, or a computer station, a mail sorting-bill paying desk tucked behind cabinetry.   When the patio is adjacent to a bedroom, it can be used for a walk in closet, to create a spa like master bath, or a sitting area for those wanting to relax and read before retiring.

Happy Home Remodeling!


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