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Home Designs You’ll Love with Staying Power

February is a great month to focus on what we love.  Do you love your home? Does every room love you back? A well-designed home remodeling project can look as fresh today as it will ten years from now is a great investment in your own enjoyment as well as a future return. Here are […]

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Home Remodeling Resolutions for 2021

January is a time of committing to health, and a healthy home environment can boost well-being.  An emerging field of study is neuroarchitecture, which is the the study of how the brain and body responds to being indoors.  Think of buildings you’ve been to that felt dreary, closed in, or sterile while others can give […]

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Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf

Synthetic grass looks very realistic, although it can look more perfect than a typical lawn. People tend to think since there is no watering, weeding, mowing, reseeding or fertilizing, it will be simpler, but there are some downsides to think about. In some ways it is. It is densely made so one can use a […]

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Have A Healthy Happy Home

The current trend in residential remodeling design is to create a more healthy, happy home environment.  With people spending more time at home, their needs go beyond an open concept, to having a great experience throughout the day. If a home isn’t quite working or if it’s not how you like it to be, it […]

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Create the Best Home Office

This year, home offices have become of primary importance. Home remodeling planning and organization will create an atmosphere conducive for peak productivity. Good design will create a space you want to be in and can make it versatile for changing needs over time, like a study.  Now that we are approaching the end of the […]

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Twelve Bathroom Design Trends in 2020

October is designated National Kitchen and Bath month, for those two rooms are considered the most important ones for the home. Let’s look into the bathroom remodeling design trends for 2020 to see what homeowners are including in the bathroom remodeling project. Remodeling activity is high, and people want a luxurious spa like feel for […]

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Ready Your Home for Future Needs

September is National Preparedness month with the hashtag, #BeReady. It is about being ready for emergencies (fire, long term power outage, loss of water supply) or disasters (earthquake…): having an emergency kit assembled (food, water, flashlight, blankets, tools, matches, toiletries etc.), and a family plan of action and means of communication. That wisdom of being […]

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Ten Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends

With people staying at home more, remodeling activity is high. People are transforming their home into a beautiful sanctuary. Though it may seem early to think about it, if you want a new kitchen by the Holidays, now is the time to get started on your kitchen remodeling project. It is good to consider what […]

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We Need Your Vote

Here is an easy way to support local businesses by voting for the Best Businesses via Ranking Arizona!  We do our best to provide the professionalism, care and quality you deserve when you have hired us to remodel your home. We also work hard to provide customer service of value after the sale with this […]

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How to Prepare for the Start of Home Remodeling

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As the start date of your home remodeling project approaches, use the happy anticipation of the beautiful transformation by taking the time to declutter and pack. Even with heavy duty plastic barriers to close off the construction zones, dust will still be afloat and drift throughout the house, especially if you are running your AC. […]

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