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Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling: The More Storage The Better

In all our thirty something years of doing Phoenix kitchen remodeling, we’ve never heard someone complaining that their kitchen had too much storage space.  Quite the opposite!  People find their homes do not have adequate storage. A professional remodeler can help you design your kitchen to meet your needs. Here are a few ideas you might not have thought of to help:

  • Frameless Cabinetry. You will get 10% more drawer space  just with that choice. Items in cabinets will be more accessible.  Frameless cabinets can look the same as framed cabinets. How can you tell which you have?  Open a cabinet drawer. If the inner drawer box is over an inch narrower on each side than the front of the drawer, they’re framed cabinets.
  • Appliance Garage.  The purpose of storage is to reduce the look of clutter.  Tuck away the heavy or often used appliances left on the counter such as a toaster, food processor, etc. behind closed doors to more easily keep things neat and tidy.
  • Custom heights.  If you don’t need all the countertop space, a professional kitchen designer can specify that some cabinets go down to the countertop, providing additional attractive storage, as seen in the photograph above (DuraSupreme Cabinetry).
  • Efficient corner cabinets.  Often the largest cabinets in a kitchen, corner cabinets can sometimes be “black holes” of storage space.  If items get pushed to the back and out of sight, they can be forgotten. Reclaiming that space is a matter of good planning, such as installing a properly sized rotating shelf system – or a clever pull out system. Also, a corner cabinet that turns out toward a peninsula can have a second door for twice the access.
  • Roll out drawers.  Storage is only of value if you can readily access the space.  Be kind to your back and your knees by specifying roll out drawers in the bottom cabinets, so you can easily see and retrieve items.  There are drawer organizers to place plates and bowls in a drawer, rather than storing them in an upper cabinet.
  • Custom Kitchen Island.  That might be an easy way to add what is missing in your kitchen like a recycling center, a place for holiday dishes and platters, or even specialty appliances like a beverage center. When opening up a kitchen to the adjacent room, a strategy to compensate for the elimination of the upper cabinets that block the view, is to add a kitchen island for storage.
  • New use of dishwasher.  An empty dishwasher is equivalent to an empty cabinet that wastes precious space.  It may make sense to have 2 smaller dishwashers. Start out with one storing your everyday dishes.  As you use them, put the dirty ones in the other empty dishwasher.  When it is full, wash them, and then reverse the usage—take the clean dishes out of the one’s newly washed, and put the dirty in the other.
  • Built in Oven.  An oven at a safe height is easier to peek in on what’s cooking, and take out hot food.  You can also save on space by getting a combination convection and microwave oven.  Some will have the added feature of steam cooking as well, for moist, locked in flavor. And then there’s the helpfulness of speed ovens!
  • Walk in Pantry.  If you don’t have a walk in pantry, it is a very popular feature for homeowners. If your home has an adjacent formal dining room that rarely gets used, it may make sense to expand your kitchen into that area to be able to add a pantry to your kitchen.

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