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Protecting the American Dream of Home Ownership

Most parents will tell you that they wish for their children to have a better opportunity and quality of life than they had growing up.  Isn’t that the American Dream, if you work hard, you will achieve and be able to provide better housing, education, and more opportunities for life experiences and standard of living than you had growing up?

Unfortunately when it comes to home ownership, it is getting increasingly difficult to pass on that dream to the next generation.

Americans have valued home ownership as a means to provide financial security and upward mobility for families.  Owner occupied homes provide economic and community stability, create jobs, and discourages crime. The pride in ownership is reflected in the care given to their property, with home improvements and remodeling done, which can increase and protect home values. It is worth helping to facilitate home ownership with strategies that make housing more affordable.

There are serious threats by tax, legislative, and regulatory agencies considering scaling back or eliminating the home mortgage interest deductions.  This could make mortgages more difficult to obtain.  It will be significantly harder for more people to achieve the American dream of home ownership.  Even those who are credit worthy and financially responsible may be forced to delay or even give up owning their own home, which for most is the largest asset they can hope to acquire.

In response to these threats, the National Association of Home Builders has recently launched a website to inspire the public to take action to protect this American Dream.  On the site you can read details on worrisome policies being proposed, documents that provide support to protect homeownership for local, state, and national economies, and how to take action.  You can join their social media outlets to get updates and join in the conversation.

It is important to let our elective officials know that the majority of voters support homeownership, and believe it contributes to the well being of both the family and community structure.

Please visit:  to see what you can do to pass on the legacy of the American dream to own a home.

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