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Optimal Space Remodeling is In, Rather than a Bigger House


not so big remodeling bookA recent project of Cook Remodeling and Custom Construction shared that like many over the years, they were continually selling their home to buy a bigger house. After several moves, they bought such a spacious house that she thought would be all they had ever wanted. She had unexpected, unanticipated results. She was unhappy with the amount of time and effort to keep clean, and she found it difficult to relax. The family lost connectiveness–she could yell for someone from the kitchen and still not be heard. The final straw was the utility costs to cool the house in the summer put the stress level over the top. They sold the huge house, and moved into a smaller, more intimate home that suited their space needs, and planned to remodel to make it all they wanted it to be.  She was much happier with the results of remodeling to customizing their home to fit their needs, rather than being in a bigger home.

The American Institute of Architects conducted a survey of general contractors and remodeling contractors phoenix doing home remodeling asking what home improvements appeal most to their clients. They found homeowners had a strong preference to stay in smaller homes and invest in flexible floor plans designed for optimal space utilization and greater accessibility. Homeowners want a complete kitchen remodeling and master bath remodeling projects, expending money on the details for comfort and convenience, rather than adding a large room addition. They also value designing a low maintenance outdoor living space that extends the spatial experience of the home for less.

An elementary school teacher who worked in Japan for a year gained a new appreciation of living space, which is premium in that country. He returned to the U.S. wanting to smartly design the little apartment he bought, so each room is purposefully utilized with no wasted space.  Working with a professional, he was able to accommodate his love of cooking, have a home desk, a living room, and dining area, bedroom and a guest bed for out of town visitors, within 450 square feet!  Watch this amazing transformation video of what he calls his Origami apartment, with his magical, folding mystery wall cabinet.

Kermit Baker, the chief economist at the American Institute of Architects said, “We continue to move away from the McMansion chapter of residential design, with more demand for practicality throughout the home.” With the rise in utility costs, and the popularity of the Not So Big House series written by architect Sarah Susanka, others are embracing the philosophy to design, remodel, and build better, not bigger—and prefer optimal space design quality over quantity!

Happy Home Remodeling!

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