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Remodeling Strategies for Short or Long-term Home Ownership

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Spring is a time for making our home seem like new again.  Beyond deep cleaning and decluttering, it is a popular time of year for Phoenix home remodeling projects, or selling and buying a new home and remodeling it before occupancy.When preparing to sell their home, people finally get all needed home improvement projects done and then lament,  “I don’t want to move now that the place looks so nice!”  Don’t have that regret!  Resolve to make a plan to get your home improvement goals done to make it the best place to live for you while you are there, not just for the next owner!A home’s design and condition impacts our lives day in and day out.  When it is well maintained, one can avoid the expense when a neglected problem grows and even multiplies. Make a list of any needed upkeep or repairs, and consider the benefits of hiring a professional who delivers on-time on-budget quality workmanship to take of your needs.It is wise to have a plan to continually update your home to preserve and enhance value in the marketplace, so you can reap the benefits of a “new” beautified home that will be ready when it is time to sell.  A professionally designed remodel will hold high value over the years while you enjoy your investment.  Not only can it be easier to deal with the construction disruption by phasing the projects over time, you don’t have to make the investment all at once. Your neighbors will also appreciate your taking pride in home ownership and increasing its value.

What are some factors to consider in prioritizing your home improvement plan, so you can take it a step at a time?

two color cabinets with islandConsider how long you plan on living in your home and how long ago it has been since your kitchen and bathrooms were done.  If your length of stay is less than five years, or uncertain, you may want to focus the home improvement impact on resale value. If it is going to more than five years, you will want a home improvement project that will maximize the experience of enjoying your home.

If you believe you may be selling sooner than later, learn what is standard in the neighborhood and choose 2-3 features can make your home distinctive and set it apart.  Some highly desirable amenities are having a visitable home with: dual master bedrooms or a mother-in-law suite that is universally designed, a spacious walk-in closet, an outdoor living space, as well as energy efficient windows, appliances, and fixtures.

If you plan on living there longer, utilize universal design principles in your home improvement renovations to meet your needs so you can age gracefully in your own home.  Realtors report that a well-designed updated kitchen remodel, and a spa-like master bath remodel with a walk in shower are always hot items that elevate a home’s value and quickly lead to a sale.  Considering that the day gets started in the bath, and is fueled in the kitchen, those are great rooms to resolve to renew for present and future benefits!

Happy Home Remodeling!


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