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Secret Room Remodeling for Fun and Home Value

What kid doesn’t love to create a blanket fort? It was our secret room. Some had the opportunity to build a snow fort, or have a tree house or play house that was their private, off-limits domain. Even adults want to have their own secret space to hide from everyday life!  Whether it is for practical reasons, or for fun, let’s explore some of the purposes for creating a secret room.

A secret room could be designed to utilize an odd size space that would be perfect to scale for kids such as under stairs, a section of the basement or capturing a portion of what would be the attic. Younger kids can have walls painted to stimulate imaginative play (maybe an entrance through a wardrobe cabinet?), and have a play space to facilitate their age and interest.  Maybe they love to play school, or are into drama, dance, or fashion.  Maybe they’d love to make believe they are in a forest, on a farm, back in time, or on a space station. Older kids can have a rock wall or ladder to climb up to an enclosed space in the attic with a lookout, or a place to gaze at stars at night. It could be a reading nook. To really make it theirs, have the entrance be kid sized. Good lighting, a mirror, painting the ceiling the same color as the walls, those will help make a room seem larger.

For adults, they may want to remodel for a secret room to have an element of drama for entertainment, like a theater room, or a game room, a theme of a sports bar for a man’s or a romantic Victorian woman’s cave by invitation only.

A secret room could be used to stash precious collectibles, wine, or even a food prepper’s pantry. It could be designed as a safe room from the elements, or a “panic room”, a place of protection. One can even plan for underground parking to have a special car hidden out of sight when you’re out of town.

There have been secret rooms for more functionality, like having a snore room to discreetly have a place of quiet as needed*.  Or a sitting room off the bedroom to read so the lights do not disturb the sleeper. Perhaps a space for exercising that is tucked away.  Or an artist or author or hobbyist who wants privacy while they are creating.

One note of caution, the secret room is most likely going to be a place without windows. The secret room will need good ventilation. Plan to have lights with batteries that will turn on with power failure. *It is not a place to be used for sleeping, for fire code safety requires access to a window for escape in case of fire. Also design it to have ease of accessibility for cleaning, or even quick accessibility in case of someone in the secreet room needing immediate help.

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