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Seven Innovative Home Products from the International Builders Show

One of our Project Managers and Project Designers recently went to the International Builders Show to take classes, seminars, and look at the latest and greatest home improvement products for remodeling. Its great to go to professional trade shows. Not only do you see companies showcase their best, with trained sales team to detail the features and benefits, but you can scope out what is innovative, and just plain exciting.


Here are 7 innovative home products 


1      Best Home Security product: Guarda Protective Security Screens

For peace of mind, a security screen has been developed with such a strong mesh, one cannot cut or kick through its strength (see photo above), and here is a video demonstrating just that. It is used for windows and doors. People opt for wrought iron doors for front entrances so they can open up their home for fresh air without compromising safety, and now there is another choice. Before this home improvement product, there was not a good solution for a sliding glass door typical for a balcony and back patio. It also keeps out the bugs! The screen can be in light or dark colors.


2      Best New Kitchen Appliance  GE Café French Door  29 cubic foot Refrigerator with industry’s first hot water dispenser on the door.
A great reason for starting a kitchen remodeling project! With multiple settings for things such as oatmeal or tea, it will heat up to 10 oz of water in 2 minutes. It dispenses water with a hands free autofill sensor, and provides the most advanced water filtration, removing 98% of 5 trace pharmaceuticals that is in our water supply.  It also boasts of a special freezer compartment for ice cream, maintaining a perfect temperature for scooping, and a slim icecube maker that is on the door, not taking up shelf space. Colored LED lights in the drawers signal the temperature selected for produce, citrus, meat, and dairy.  Check out this Consumer Reports demonstration of this made in the USA refrigerator.



3      Best Bathroom Product: Kohler dual toilet seat

A smart product to include in a bathroom remodeling project, it’s perfect for the younger child to take away fears of falling in!  This will help a child be confident and independent.



4      Best Flooring Product:  Mohawk/Dal-Tile Armor Max Hardwood Floor Coating.

It is the most durable coating system for hardwood floors, that makes the floor five times more resistant to wear. It comes with Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology to protect the wood from liquid and staining.  It comes with a 50 year finish warranty. These easily maintained floors look newer longer!


5      Best Solar Innovation: Velux  Solar Powered Skylight

Access sunlight from above with a window to the sky, and you can be even seeing stars from the comfort of your home.  The solar panel will power the window to open and close, and a motor shade can be added. The window will automatically close if rain is detected.  This home improvement window qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit, reducing the price to below the cost of some non-solar power operated skylights.


6      Best Diva Product:  Kohler’s Moxie Showerhead

Dock a wireless waterproof speaker in the center of specially designed showerhead, and its not limited to the bathroom remodeling project, for  you can take it with you wherever you go. It has a 7 hour battery life and a 32 foot speaker range.  Play music, a book, a class or news through Bluetooth technology accessing your iPod, tablet, or computer. Now you’ll sound like a pro singing in the shower with accompaniment!!!


7      Awarded Best of Show Kohler Sensate Touchless Faucet

Provides reliable touchless on/off operation through a state of the art sensor.  It has a two function sprayhead that you can extend and return with a magnetic dock, and a easy temperature control. This innovative product to have on your kitchen remodeling wish list let’s you, with a wave, have the water at your command.

Make sure your remodeling designer goes to professional trade shows annually so they can recommend the latest innovation, energy saving, and indoor air products for your enjoyment and wow factor . If you are going to invest in bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling Phoenix, you will want what is most current on the market!


Happy Home Remodeling!


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