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Smog Eating Roof Tile!

Every year the Editors of Green Builder Magazine select the top 50 products for their innovation, performance and ecological features, and ability to meet market demand.  One of the 2012 winners is BoralPure’s Smog Eating Roof Tile. It is the first of-its-kind product made in the USA of sustainable concrete roofing tiles that reduces air pollution.  Popular Mechanics gave it the Technology Breakthrough Award In October 2011, in less than a year after the company began production. Dubbing it an Overhead Smog Cleaner, Popular Mechanics names it as must have product for homeowners. How great is the need for such a product?

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is a reddish-brown smog formed from mostly from vehicles and industrial pollution. Once it has formed, NO2 reacts with other pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds and form ground level ozone. Significant levels of ozone pollution can be detected in rural areas as far as 250 miles downwind from urban centers! A sixteen year study of 8000 people in six cities conducted by Harvard University concluded in 1990 that people living in highly polluted cities had a higher risk of respiratory disease, lung cancer, hospitalization, and early death from pulmonary and heart diseases. NIEHS-funded scientists at the University of Southern California found that children exposed to vehicle and fossil fuel emissions in the air had adverse effects on their lung development and limited breathing capacity for a lifetime.

Phoenix is experiencing a decline in air quality. In a 2005 study by the American Lung Association 79% of the county’s residents (over 2.6 million) are at high risk for respiratory complications due to poor air quality.  Only 70 days out of the year had good EPA air quality rating (below 50)—that’s a little over only 2 months out of 12!  The air quality index average for Phoenix was 101 which is the unhealthy range, while the national average is 37.

What if you could negate the pollution equivalent of a car driving 10,800 miles a year annually?

You can by choosing BoralPure™ Smog Eating Tile for your roof!  The photocatalyst in this specially produced roof tile naturally oxidizes harmful airborne pollutants, helping clean the air.  It is an important solution to smog and the health problems it causes.  As the only tile roofing in the USA with the ability to mitigate air pollution, Smog Eating Roof Tile represents an opportunity for builders and consumers alike to help clean the air we breathe.

How does it work?

This revolutionary roof tile includes a micro-mortar surface with the key ingredient Titanium Dioxide, a photocatalyst, which is activated by the UV content in daylight. The active surface interacts with harmful nitrogen oxides in the air (which gives air that brown haze) and helps convert them into calcium nitrates. When it rains, the calcium nitrates are washed off the roof and is a fertilizer for plants. Talk about being green!

When its time to replace your roof, you might want to specify BoralPure’s Smog Eating Tile.  You will help clean up the air, and have greener plants too!

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