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Social Media Impact on Home Remodeling

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Some 10 years ago when it was time for home remodeling, the best option for gathering images to show the remodeling designer how you want to customize your home, was buying magazines. That had the challenge of finding the right magazines, and the limitations to the few designers that take the time, effort, and expense to submit their home remodeling projects for publication. A picture says a thousand words, and it is a very important communication tool to help a homeowner get the results they are looking for.

With the advent of such websites as Pinterest and Houzz, they are a great tool to search out the type of home remodeling project you want to do, and view popular photos. You can click through to see where the image came from and if that company has more of that particular project, or more projects to your liking. On Houzz you can add more search terms like, Traditional, Mediterranean, Farmhouse, Beach Style, etc. to see different styles.

With the greater ease of defining personal style, what has been social media impact on home remodeling?  There are four emerging trends.

Lifestyle over Size  Though partly a result that home values are not increasing as rapidly as before, it seems that the majority prefer home remodeling over buying a larger home. Rather than the expense of moving to get a bigger home and the time to reestablish a community connection, homeowners would rather customize their home to fit their lifestyle. Having lived in one’s home, one learns what one likes and what is not working well, and can give a greater appreciation of the finished home remodeling product.

Personality Expression  There is a much higher expectation to customize a home to be a reflection of the homeowner. Just doing a search of kitchen on these sites and you can truly appreciate there as many ways to do a kitchen as there are individuals. It is easier to get ideas and define what elements to include, and exclude to achieve the results that make a house, a home.

More Outdoor Living  First there was a movement to bring nature elements in the home. Now people want to extend their home to the outdoors, and want to create spaces that invite and offer the comforts of home in nature. With the number of photos added, liked, shared, and kept, people have been seeking ideas to make attractive spaces that seem as much a part of the home as the interior rooms.

Entertaining Friends and Family  There are a lot of inspiring ideas of how to facilitate the gathering of friends and family and creating memories. Whether your style be providing a sports bar man cave, or an outdoor kitchen and smoothie station, or a guest house pool hall, or barracks for kids sleep overs and play room, there are many ways to break out of the one size fits all home to reflect who you want to be known for.

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