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The Many Benefits of a Walk-In Tub for a Bathroom Remodel Phoenix & Beyond

Simply put, people who want a bathroom remodel Phoenix are looking for a beautiful as well as safe place for self-care.  The combination of hard surfaces and water in a bathroom makes slipping and falling a concern for all ages!  A walk-in tub is a welcome innovation for eliminating the awkward effort of stepping in and out of a tub, as well as sitting down and standing up in a tub.  There are many other benefits as well.

Walk-in showers are very popular, and can take up more space than a traditional tub/shower combination. Many people don’t want to lose having a bathtub in their master bathroom, but don’t have the space for a traditional tub too.  A walk-in tub may be the answer!  A standard bathtub is 60 inches long, and a walk in tub can be only 38 inches long.  If you only take a bath on occasion, it may make sense to shrink the tub, to have  more room for a luxurious shower space.

Many people take a bath because they want to relax, but how relaxing is it to be stretched out, sort of sitting, trying to stay submerged to keep warm? I bet the extra surface of the water exposed to the air is the reason why the water loses its optimal temperature more quickly, and one has to add more hot water. Those problems may be eliminated with a walk-in tub, which also can be equipped with water or air jet sprays, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and a hand held shower.

If you are under a great deal of stress, then think of what a relief it will be to soak in a tub which is easy to just walk in to and sit down and relax, even read or watch a favorite program.  Add a few drops of essential oils for some aromatherapy.  Perhaps you’d like to give yourself a spa treatment of a sugar scrub in a comfortable seated position. A hand-held showerhead will help you to rinse yourself and the tub afterwards. After a long day your body is tired and this feature becomes invaluable.

Those who have physical challenges can reap the benefits and convenience of a walk-in tub. A person in pain may have difficulty even thinking of stepping over the edge of a traditional tub, let alone getting up and down in one.  The ease of opening a door and stepping in and sitting in a built in contoured seat provides greater independence. Those with sore muscles or arthritic joints can soak in a tub and benefit from the healing power of increased blood flow, or the minerals absorbed by the skin with an Epsom salt bath. In addition, the built-in seat allows those who are injured or tired the option to sit while bathing. Look for a walk-in tub with an ADA compliant seat and accessories.

Think of the value a bathroom remodel phoenix with a walk-in tub can add to your home. A walk-in tub is not a standard feature, so it will set your home apart in the market offering potential buyers its many unique benefits. Choose a model that has a fast filling tap and a good drain with a quiet pump, since you cannot get out until the water is gone!

Many of these features are enticing and offer peace of mind that you enhance you quality of life and the quality of a bathroom remodel phoenix. For more information about how you can improve the quality of your bathroom contact us at Cook Remodeling & Custom Construction.


Happy home remodeling!

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