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Three Factors for Planning Lighting for Phoenix Home Remodeling

Lighting sets a mood and can enhance a room’s beauty.
It can facilitate the ease of tasks, askitchen lighting well as safety and security. Need it be said that it is a very important element when planning a phoenix home remodeling project?

An experienced remodeler trained in lighting design can create the desired ambience with the light that you need when doing a phoenix home remodeling project.



How a space will be used will determine how to provide the light that is needed. The entryway is the first impression, both indoors and out. Consider people coming to your home for the first time at night—is the number of your house lit up? Is your landscaping have a beautiful look at night? Is the pathway to the door illuminated? Is the entryway bright and cheery?

Areas that will need more illumination are: the kitchen for food preparation and dish cleaning; at a desk, hobby, or reading place; in the laundry room, and the bathroom for looking our best.  The places for dining, entertaining, and media room may want low light dimming capability. Don’t forget the patio having sufficient light at night to be an inviting place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.



There are three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient lighting is the primary source of light to see and navigate the surroundings. This includes ceiling or wall mounted fixtures, recessed and track lights. It can include indirect lighting on a ledge or upper cabinet or rope lighting under the base cabinet or along steps.

Another type of lighting that is just as important is task lighting. Task lighting is strategically placed where there is activity needing bright light, without shadows from overhead lighting.  Recessed lighting, track lighting, as well as under upper cabinet lighting and pendant lighting can provide for for those work needs. Floor, table, and desk lamps also serve this purpose. There should be sufficient amount of light to eliminate eye strain for the activities.

Accent lighting adds drama by highlighting personal treasures.  It can be a painting or print, sculptures, photographs, or other prized collections on a shelf or in cabinetry.  Even the light fixture itself may be a work of art!  Such lighting can draw attention to other elements such as the texture of a stone veneer, or of plants both indoors and out.  To achieve the desired effect, the lighting needs to be at least three times brighter on the focal point than the general light surrounding it.



The goal is to have sufficient lighting for an even fill of light to eliminate shadowing or glare.  As a part of the recommendations, a home remodeling designer will not only specify the type, placement and spacing of the lights, they may specify certain bulbs as well to achieve the desired lighting effect. When purchasing lights on a dimmer switch, check the manufactures specifications for not all LED lights and compact florescent lights have the capability to dim. Another important variable to monitor is fluorescent lights have various color temperatures from warm to cool that can distort the true colors of your cabinetry and countertop, and even the look of food. Another consideration is if halogen lights are used, they generate heat.


Communicate with your designer your lifestyle patterns of special uses of space that will influence lighting recommendations. Where do you like to read? Do you host a Bible study? Does someone have difficulty discerning color when choosing clothes, or other vision challenges? A part of phoenix home remodeling is making your home work for you, and you want to light up your world.


Happy Home Remodeling!


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