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Top Ten Bathroom Design Trends in 2015

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) has conducted a design survey of the Top Ten bathroom design trends in 2015. Homeowners are moving from a transitional design style in the bathroom, to a more contemporary style for a simple, clean, and spacious look.  Rather than having a furniture style vanity, the cabinetry is hung up off the floor to give more depth of space and make the room seem larger. Paired with the floating vanity is the use of a trough sink. Remember practicality—a large trough sink may look nice, but make sure you have enough counter space for personal use.

bathroom contemporary

The jury seems to be out on whether to keep a tub in the master bathroom along with a walk in shower. Most design experts say the decision to include the tub in the master bathroom is determined by space availability. It seems as long as there is a bathtub in the home, it is okay to not have another taking up space in the master bathroom.  If there is room though, a freestanding tub is desirable. People do not want a jetted tub, rather a soaking tub is preferred.

These are the hot top ten trends in bathroom designs according to the NKBA survey:

  1. clean, white, contemporary designs
  2. floating vanities
  3. open shelving
  4. electric heated floors
  5. purple color schemefloating vanity
  6. trough sinks
  7. improved user experience: ease of use, accessibility, and low maintenance
  8. spa like amenities such as steam shower, anti-fog mirror, shower seating
  9. innovative storage for hair care, dental hygiene, shavers, to keep counters clear
  10. Walk in shower and separate, freestanding soaking tub


The most popular color choices in the bathroom are white and gray, with a trend towards more choosing gray.  To add color, accents of purple, lavender, and lilac tones are being specified. Other popular items reported by the survey respondents included water saving fixtures, decorative tiles, and granite or quartz vanity top.


Happy Bathroom Remodeling!


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