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Use Your Smartphone for a Smart Keyless Lock!

Question:  I have a home remodeling Scottsdale located project I would like to do and I really don’t want a lock box, or to distribute keys, are there other options?

Answer:  There is a new application that will let you provide wireless entry to people you select that you can withdraw access at any time, and the two leading manufacturers say they will be ready to ship the keyless entry systems mid 2013.  There are many benefits to homeowners as well.

Imagine not having to fumble with keys to get in your front door.
Or not needing to carry your keys when you go for a walk.

Or being able to handle these scenarios:

What if you locked your keys in your car and you had a spare at home, but no one was home to let you in to retrieve it?

You have a home remodeling Scottsdale project in process and want to know when they arrive and leave while you are at work.

kevoThere are several different manufacturers in the U.S. coming out with a Smart Lock with Bluetooth technology in 2013. You can download the app on your phone, and you have the capability of unlocking your door without a key.  You can even send other people the ability to access your home in a certain window of time, or one time. It runs on batteries, so it will not be affected by a power outage, and if your phone battery died, you can still use a key.

Do you not have a smartphone? Kevo distributed by Kwikset or Weiser provides a fob (electronic key) that you can put on your keychain. It was developed by a company called UniKey, who was featured on Shark Tank. Approach the door and touch the lock, it will sense your apple smart gadget or fob and let you in. Kevo is currently only compatible with the iPhone 4 and 5, the current iPad and iPad mini, and the 5th generation of the iPod Touch. The lock looks like a traditional keyed deadbolt.

Lockitron has a box that fits over the existing interior deadlock lever and will physically turn it doorbotwhen activated.  It will sense you approaching and unlock the door automatically. It senses when someone knocks and sends you a message that someone is knocking at your door. It also connects with your home Wi-Fi network so you can use the internet to unlock your door from anywhere in the world.  It offers the option of pairing with “Doorbot” smart doorbell. Doorbot is easily installed next to your door and provides an infrared camera, doorbell and speaker. When the button is pushed, the app on your phone is activated and you will see who is there, and can choose to respond, ignore, or unlock the door for them. You can see who is there even at night, and you will be able to reply to them even if you’re not home—but they won’t know you’re not there. An inexpensive way for home security that you monitor.


What if you don’t have an internet connection?  There will be two secure deadbolt lock products called, Smart Knob and August Smart Lock. Smart Knob generates unique unlock codes to be punched in the keypad that can either be time limited, or unlimited to give trusted visitors access to your home. August Smart Lock sends permission Smart Knobaccess to smartphones so that when the phone is within range on the outside, the door will unlock.  You can cancel other’s privileges at any time.


These keyless lock products are reported to go on sale August or later, for about $199. Bundling the Levitron keyless lock with the video camera door bell called Doorbot is approximately $339. Our home remodeling team has iPhones, so we are ready, should clients have keyless Bluetooth smart lock.

Happy Home Remodeling!

Happy Home Remodeling Scottsdale!

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