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What’s New in Eco-friendly Flooring?

Sometimes it can be a worn floor that says, its time for a home remodeling project! There is a movement for healthier and responsible living, and manufacturers are listening, provide better flooring options. People want the look of traditional that is easier on the body and the environment, and there is a greater array of design choices.


vinyl flooring

  • It used to be that if you wanted cork, which is both very renewable and insulating, you could get it in a blonde color. Now there are many more choices of this durable material that is comfortable to walk on. One caution: it can fade from exposure to sunlight.


  • Another extremely renewable material that is more durable than hardwood is bamboo. Now they are offering wide plank style in strand woven bamboo, which makes it more durable.


  • Reclaimed hardwood is coming down in price as technology is better able to prepare the product and improved its ability to withstand moisture fluctuations.


  • If you are strictly traditional, American Hardwood flooring of oak, hickory, maple, and pine are responsibly logged on our continent. Look for Forest Stewardship Council certification.


  • Premium luxury vinyl flooring may have some toxic materials, but the plank style does not require underlayment or adhesives like other materials need which can be toxic. It can duplicate the look of stone or wood, and looks so real that it takes close inspection to guess that its imitation. The biggest advantage is that it is much more gentle on the joints walking on vinyl, than walking on stone or hardwood floors


  • Leather is easy on the feet, is a good sound insulator and can be used in light traffic areas like a bedroom, walk in closet, or den. It is made from the thick part of the hide which is not used in making shoes, belts, or handbags.


  • It used to be electric radiant floor heating was primarily installed underneath tile. Now there are thin films that can go under floating engineered wood, and laminate floors. Its advantage is a greater feeling of warmth in a room, as heat rises, and the elimination of needing to blow and dry air, which carries dust and allergens. You can place systems on timers to have the warmth at the desired level when you wake up, or return home.


Happy Home Remodeling!


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