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When is a Hybrid Hot Water System a Better Choice?

If you do not want  a solar hot water system for your Phoenix home remodeling project, and do not have gas service to your home (if you do, consider a tankless water heater), a hybrid hot water system is more efficient than a standard hot water tank. It uses 62% less energy than a standard 50 gallon electric hot water heater, which could save over $300 on the electrical bill annually. It is more expensive than a traditional hot water heater, but it is eligible for a federal tax credit. On April 16, 2015 the Department of Energy’s new efficiency standards will take effect and if you want a 55+ gallon tank and will be heating your water using electricity, you will need to buy a heat pump system, so expect more to appear on the market.

GE GeospringIt works by using a heat pump which pulls heat from the air to heat up the coils wrapping the tank, and exhausts cool air.  Considering Phoenix has reached 100 degrees in March, and has had over 150 consecutive days over 90 degrees, it won’t take much additional energy to heat the water if you take advantage of the heat! A popular installation location is the garage to take advantage of a greater hot air supply, and it will cool the air in return. In the winter when the air is not hot, you can turn off the effort of the heat pump and switch it to electric coil heat only so it will work like a traditional hot water heater. If you put it indoors, the unit will have to work harder to heat the coils, creating constant fan noise. In the winter when you are trying to heat your house, the cool air exhaust will not be welcome and you’ll want to switch it to electric coil heat only. Some units have a high demand setting (turns on the electric coils), and vacation setting to meet changing needs.

Since it is newer technology, you may want to consider buying the unit from a source that can offer you an extended warranty on the labor, to make sure the system lasts beyond the time it takes to recoup your investment for greater savings on your electric bill.

If you want to take advantage of  months of hot weather to cut down on the costs of heating water electrically, a hybrid hot water system will soon pay for itself in savings for a Phoenix home remodeling project.


Happy home remodeling Phoenix!


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