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Why Are Homeowners Kitchen Remodeling

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Professional Remodeler Magazine (Nov. 2010) conducted a random sample of close to 800 remodelers across the United States to survey the current reasons why homeowners did kitchen remodeling phoenix.  What did they find?

More people report they will be staying put in their current homes, and wanted a custom kitchen and included master bathroom remodeling to meet their needs.  Rather than moving to a larger home, twenty seven percent of the homeowners did  whole home remodeling and a room addition to transform their house to the home of their dreams.

The top reason for kitchen remodeling (42%) was to update the kitchen’s appearance. Thirty percent had their top reason for home remodeling as improving usability of their kitchen to facilitate their lifestyle. Most of the homeowners reported they wanted to replace kitchen cabinets (49%), and their countertops.  Twelve percent were motivated by making more room for their kitchen and updating appliances for more efficient, innovative models.

Of those who recently hired a general contractor for their home remodeling, 37% did both a kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling project, 30% did an additional large remodeling project with their kitchen, and 27% did a full house remodel and a room addition.

In 2010, twenty seven percent of Cook Remodeling & Custom Construction clients did a kitchen remodeling project.  Just as was found in the national survey, 42% of our Phoenix remodeling, Scottsdale remodeling, and other east valley remodeling clients did both their kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling to update their appearance. Thirty two percent did major kitchen remodeling with a complete custom kitchen redesign to expand the space.  The inadequate size and kitchen design layout was causing frustration and stress, and they wanted to improve their day to day living experience.  Most wanted their kitchen to simplify and beautify their daily routine and facilitate healthy living. The finished project’s design solution created a functional and attractive new kitchen for daily use. The kitchen design also reflected their style of entertaining and socializing with friends, and how they want to experience celebrating holidays with extended family.  Many reported their surprise that even with creating larger house and/or kitchen, that their utility bills were less.

Happy Home Remodeling!

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