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What's Trending In Kitchens?
It is a perfect time to assess your kitchen as holidays approach and preparations are made for celebratory feasts. What do you like about how your kitchen facilitates your desires? Does it have adequate storage with easy visual and retrievable access? Is there enough counter space? Do you need another sink or oven? How do you wish it would function better?...
Tips for Thanksgiving Success

Gathering together to give thanks is a great event to experience - you don't want to be distracted with last minute forgotten details. If you are the host, be realistic with planning your time and considering your skills. Keep the menu familiar, traditional, and delegate. Decide what you want to do, and then recruit others to do their favorites...

Beautiful Skin Starts on the Inside

Our skin is the largest organ, and at the end of the line to get nutrients. Our skin works as a protective barrier, helps to regulate our body temperature, alerts us to harm (via sensations of pain, heat, cold). There are many "anti-aging" topical products, but what we put on our skin is may be a temporary cover up, at best. There are more effective ways to repair and protect our skin...

What Customers Say About Us:
We would like to say that the guest house built by Cook Remodeling is first class. The project designer listened to how we wanted it to function and was very creative with its design. With lot space at a premium, I was amazed on how spacious it feels, and happy with the size of the closet and bathroom. The snack bar is a perfect touch, and the outside ties nicely into the house.

We highly recommend Cook Remodeling to everyone!

Louie & Marvelle L.
Sun Lakes, guest house
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Dan & Heidi Landis
Jennifer Blundt
Tammy Goodman
Need A Good Laugh?!
We were pretty excited that this year's Thanksgiving was going to be our biggest family reunion yet. My wife made a to-do list, and she commandeered preparing for the festive meal, and I worked on getting the house in top shape. It was a daily focus of activity for both of us as we got ready for out of town family and for the festive meal.

One night I dreamt Thanksgiving was here and I opened the front door and everyone was standing there. I startled myself awake by my saying a loud, boisterous, "Hello!" As I laid there and got my bearings, I listened, and my wife did not move. I was hoping I didn't wake her!

The next night as we were getting ready to go to bed, my wife commented. "Can you do me a favor?" I said, "Sure." "If you see anyone during the night, can you just wave hello?"
Cook Remodeling in Phoenix Offers DuraSupreme Cabinetry For over 50 years, professional kitchen designers from coast to coast have looked to Dura Supreme for cabinetry that fulfills their customer's desire for personalized design choices and outstanding quality of construction.
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