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Beautiful Skin Starts on the Inside

Our skin is the largest organ, and at the end of the line to get nutrients. Our skin works as a protective barrier, helps to regulate our body temperature, alerts us to harm (via sensations of pain, heat, cold). There are many “anti-aging” topical products, but what we put on our skin is may be a temporary cover up, at best. There are more effective ways to repair and protect our skin, to slow or even reverse the aging process.   What can be done for more  youthful skin?


The first line of defense is to become a label reader and not use products that contain harmful ingredients. Unfortunately, in the U.S., there is little regulation on what is in beauty products, so there are many toxic ingredients which are known to cause cancer that are used.  Here is a list of top toxic ingredients grouped by age (baby products, etc.) and alternatives. You can also use the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep data base to look up ratings of specific brand products of soaps, makeup, oral care, etc.  Processed food is not well regulated either, and  harmful additives are allowed in the U.S. (in cereals, snacks, breads, dinners, etc.) that are banned in Europe! If you don’t recognize an ingredient as food, your body will suffer trying to deal with it. It is best to stick to organic, to know the many code names for MSG, and build a list of favorite recipes to make the food you like to eat yourself. Use Stevia to take the place of refined sugar in recipes (SweetLeaf Stevia is recommended by Dr. Axe).

Support & Repair

The next goal should be to build health at the cellular level. Every day through normal metabolism/energy production (heart beating, digestion, movement etc.), from exposure to pollutants in the air (especially cigarette smoke, but also from paints, varnishes, plastics, glues), ingesting toxins in food (chemicals that flavor or color, heavy metals), eating high heat cooked foods (fried, grilled)  exposure to radiation (including overexposure to the sun), exposure to petroleum in products, all of these cause thousands of free radicals to form in our bodies every day which harm cells and our DNA. Eating refined or excess sugar lowers the ability of the immune system to deal with free radicals as well.  The natural source of anti-oxidants which neutralizes free radicals come from fruits, vegetables and berries. That is why research recommends that we eat 13 or more cups of fresh fruits and vegetables of all colors every day to provide the nutritional support our bodies need. Most people aren’t able to eat that much, nor get a wide variety of all colors every day, so look to augment your daily diet with dehydrated fruits and vegetables. You will know it is whole food if it has a Nutrition Label, not a Supplement Label. (Note that research has also found multi-vitamin supplementation to be ineffective, a and can be harmful, stick to whole food—that is what our bodies are made for and can utilize). Another daily essential nutrient that is missing in the Standard American Diet are Omegas, which primarily supports skin, eye, and heart health. Choose a product that is plant based and cold processed (including  how the oils are encapsulated).


Our bodies store toxins it was unable to process out in body fat to protect us.  That is why it can be very difficult to lose weight or keep it off because the body is trying to protect us from the toxins hidden in fat.  It is good to do a monthly detox and cleanse to support and strengthen health so the body can “clean house.” This is best done by conscientiously eating clean, eating more whole plant foods, and incorporating healthy living lifestyle habits of exercise, and sleep, as well as supplementing with clinically proven encapsulated plant powders (micronutrition) and 3rd party certified to be pure plant protein drink mix (many protein drink mixes have been contaminated with heavy metals) and plant based multi-Omegas. There are online Facebook groups that form to support each other following the 10 days of healthy living rules to detox and cleanse. Send an email to request more information and to be added to the next group.

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It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my ways perfect. Psalm 18:32

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