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Dairy-Free Pesto

This vegan recipe is quick and easy to make and is so tasty it may become a staple in your house!  It can be a dip for veggies, a spread for crackers, added to dressing or soup, used as a

Exercise Your Brain to Keep Sharp

You’ve probably heard with regards to muscle tone and strength, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. That works for the brain too! With more time spent at home, perhaps you’ve utilized the time to better organize your house,

Be a Food Label Super Sleuth

It can be easy to be fooled by marketing labels using the legally undefined terms of, “100% Natural”, “Low-fat”, “Sugar free.” They sound good for you, right? That’s the plan! Those instead should become warning flags that it is time

Instant Pot Potato Salad with Eggs

This recipe is a summer favorite to keep stocked in the refrigerator. The eggs cook right along with the potatoes, so convenient! The added protein of the eggs and peas help balance the carbs of the potatoes. INGREDIENTS: 1 sprig

The Many Ways Vinegar Can Clean!

The indoor air quality of the home is often worse than the outdoors. The last thing you want to do is worsen that problem by using toxic cleaners. People are looking for more natural ways to clean, and Cleaning Vinegar

Four Ways to Get That Second Wind

There is a phenomenon called a “second wind” known by athletes who thought they could not physically go on who get a new surge of energy when their endorphins kick in. They cannot summon the strategy on demand, but the

Patriotic Red, White & Blue Dessert

This is a super simple recipe that is a hit with the crowd. It is as delicious as it looks, and a healthier dessert! INGREDIENTS: 1 container of So Delicious CocoWhip 1 8 oz. package of unsweetened shredded coconut 1

Ways to Cope with Stress

Life changes, the unknown, being out of routine, negative news, feeling a loss of freedom or control, financial strain, isolation/loneliness… all of these can lead to stress. It is a good time to observe how one reacts to stress, and

Spring Frisée Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette

Strawberries take center stage in this fresh, bright, beautiful salad, which features an easy vinaigrette to tie it together. Frisée is a curly-edge salad green that you may see labeled as curly endive. If you don’t find it in your

Making Grilling Healthier

You may have heard that when meats are cooked over high heat on a grill they gain carcinogenic compounds (HCA) that harms our DNA when dripping fat causes flares and chars the meat. The smoke can also deposit carcinogenic chemicals

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