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Circumvent Rising Grocery Prices and Shortages

Grocery prices are rising with some produce prices going up 15%. Grocery chains and the supermarket guru Phil Lempert has said expect price increases for the next year and a half or so.  Higher transportation costs, a shortage of shipping

Earth Day 2021: More People Are Growing Locally!

Last April, “Victory Garden” was the top search term as people wanted to have greater food security along with the health and savings of growing one’s own organic produce. There was such a jump in popularity that supplies and seeds

Six Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

A year ago a contagious man-made virus was of concern, and not knowing how to deal with those sickened by it yet, we were advised to stay home.  The good news is we learned that statistically less than 1% die

Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf

Synthetic grass looks very realistic, although it can look more perfect than a typical lawn. People tend to think since there is no watering, weeding, mowing, reseeding or fertilizing, it will be simpler, but there are some downsides to think

We Need Your Vote

Here is an easy way to support local businesses by voting for the Best Businesses via Ranking Arizona!  We do our best to provide the professionalism, care and quality you deserve when you have hired us to remodel your home.

Cream of Broccoli Soup

This is a rich tasting dairy-free soup is a favorite in our household. Broccoli is in the cruciferous family known to be high in protein and have cancer fighting properties. We even have the leftovers as a cold soup in

What Moms Want for their Kitchen Remodel

May is a time to show Moms that they are loved, and if it is time for a kitchen remodel, here are some of the most popular trends in kitchen remodeling projects according to a Houzz survey of homeowners planning,

2020 IBS and KBIS Award Winning Home Improvement Products

There are two major home construction and remodeling industry shows where vendors showcase their offerings for professionals to see and experience, the International Builders Show (IBS) and the National Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS). It is a venue the

Cost Vs Value Report for 2020

Remodeling Magazine does an annual survey of hundreds of contractors, realtors and appraisers from 100 metro areas across the United States to determine the average cost of various home remodeling projects, and the percentage that it increased the resale value.

Eight Morning Habits to Prime the Brain for Success

How we start the day can affect the rest of the day, hence the saying, “Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?” Successful people say starting with a morning routine of personal care. Here are some

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