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Home Remodeling Resolutions for 2021

January is a time of committing to health, and a healthy home environment can boost well-being.  An emerging field of study is neuroarchitecture, which is the the study of how the brain and body responds to being indoors.  Think of

Have A Healthy Happy Home

The current trend in residential remodeling design is to create a more healthy, happy home environment.  With people spending more time at home, their needs go beyond an open concept, to having a great experience throughout the day. If a

Sweet Potato Toast Made Easy!

Sweet Potatoes as they are called in US grocery stores are considered a super food for their excellent source of beta carotene, antioxidants and fiber. They are a yam with a reddish-brown skin and flesh that can be orange, white

Create the Best Home Office

This year, home offices have become of primary importance. Home remodeling planning and organization will create an atmosphere conducive for peak productivity. Good design will create a space you want to be in and can make it versatile for changing

Create Food Safety and Security by Growing Your Own

This is a partial list of the vegetable produce that the U.S Food and Drug Administration has recalled in the last 2 years due to contamination of listeria, e-coli, salmonella which are found in soil and contaminated water which cause food

Dairy-Free Pesto

This vegan recipe is quick and easy to make and is so tasty it may become a staple in your house!  It can be a dip for veggies, a spread for crackers, added to dressing or soup, used as a

Exercise Your Brain to Keep Sharp

You’ve probably heard with regards to muscle tone and strength, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. That works for the brain too! With more time spent at home, perhaps you’ve utilized the time to better organize your house,

Be a Food Label Super Sleuth

It can be easy to be fooled by marketing labels using the legally undefined terms of, “100% Natural”, “Low-fat”, “Sugar free.” They sound good for you, right? That’s the plan! Those instead should become warning flags that it is time

Ready Your Home for Future Needs

September is National Preparedness month with the hashtag, #BeReady. It is about being ready for emergencies (fire, long term power outage, loss of water supply) or disasters (earthquake…): having an emergency kit assembled (food, water, flashlight, blankets, tools, matches, toiletries

Instant Pot Potato Salad with Eggs

This recipe is a summer favorite to keep stocked in the refrigerator. The eggs cook right along with the potatoes, so convenient! The added protein of the eggs and peas help balance the carbs of the potatoes. INGREDIENTS: 1 sprig

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