Are you trying to get more organized in your home office and have run out of ideas? Here are some creative ways to solve clutter dilemma.

Roll-away cart – If your home office doubles as a spare room and you have visitors coming, you may need to stash some of your work to make room. Use a rolling serving cart as the side of your makeshift L-shaped desk. That way you can put your files, supplies, materials and laptop on it and roll it into a closet or another room to give your guests space and you access to your work while they are visiting.

Toothbrush holder – Choose the style that has individual holes to keep your colored pens, highlighters, and pencils from getting lost in a jumble.

Magnetic spice containers – Attach to the underside of your desk or shelf for easy storage of push pins, paperclips, staples, etc.

Upcycled old shutter – Remove the top slats and insert corkboard. Use the bottom slats to sort mail, stash business cards, or to place upcoming event notes.

Magazine caddies – Purchase a hanging or leaning magazine display case, similar to the ones that are popular at a doctors office. Use them to sort paperwork, files or project samples. Brochure stands work to separate out jewelry or similar craft business supplies and materials.

Shoe or poster caddy – Have lots of blueprints and other project materials to keep separate? Get a shoe caddy for small documents and a poster caddy for larger samples and design plans.

Don’t be limited by traditional desks and drawers. Think creatively to make the most of your home office storage space.


Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance. Proverbs 1: 5  

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