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A Special Gift – Beautiful Cabinets  The most used and most viewed item in the kitchen are the cabinets. They set the style, whether it be farmhouse, craftsman, traditional, or contemporary to name a few.

Start Planning Your Big Remodeling Project Now  Holidays are a great time to observe what isn’t working for you in your home. Do you need a kitchen makeover?  A guest house?  Here is a guide that tells you how long from design to competition, so you can plan.

Remodeling to Sell or to Stay?  How does your kitchen and bathroom impact your quality of life? Those rooms are crucial in our daily routines…..

Home Office Storage Solutions  When doing a home office remodeling project, here are some ideas to make the most of the space….

Make Your Home the Talk of the Block  Tips for first impression curb appeal for outdoor remodeling Phoenix.

Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home  Size, location, materials are all important factors when selecting energy efficient window for your home renovation.

Home Remodeling Upgrades  Whether you’re doing a full scale home remodeling project or a smaller home improvement project, here are some affordable upgrades that will give a good return your your home remodeling budget investment.

10 DIY Projects Best Reserved for the Pros  Ten home remodeling projects better left for the professionals..

How Windows Keep You Cool   Energy efficient windows are a great green home remodeling investment. There are a variety of factors to consider for an Energy Star rated window: U-factor, R-value, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, low-Emissivity…..

Outdoor Living: Transform Your Space   Have more than just a patio, transform it to a multifunctional livable space for a fraction of the cost of an addition.  When designing an outdoor living space here are some tips when considering climate, lighting, flooring, use….

How to Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Cool When it Gets Hot  Its important to be strategic in keeping a space, even your home cooler. Patio cover options and products, or a stand alone pergola, arbor, or gazebo may provide a place to be cooler when outdoors….

Convert that Unused Space in your home. The most expensive room in a house can be the one that sits idle and unused. Do you have underutilized space that can become an exercise room or a media room? Here are a few helpful hints….

National Home Improvement Month If you don’t have a goal set (here’s help in setting goals), make the time to start planning your next home improvement and home remodeling project.  Do you need a new kitchen design to facilitate your lifestyle? Or a bathroom remodel refresh?   Do you need a partial or full room addition for a more functional floor plan?  Remodeling  is less daunting by using these steps….

Start Your Remodeling Plans Today!   With Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday entertaining in recent memory, what home improvement project would make your life easier, your home cozy and more usable?  Do your lifestyle needs call for a floor plan layout change?  A new kitchen design? A half bathroom addition?  A home office remodel to add a murphy bed? Read about some solutions and make a plan!

Curling Up with a Good Book Do you have a place and space at home where you can comfortably curl up with a good book any time of the day?   A personal office or library room or den with great lighting, minimal traffic and noise, offering storage and showcasing your treasured collection?  Its best to keep a bedroom for sleeping, and with the popularity of open floor plans, many want to remodel to create a secluded space to incorporate these considerations….

Aging in Place In 2011, 10,000 Baby Boomers began crossing over to the 65 and older category every day, and 70% of them want to live out the rest of their lives in the home where they celebrated this milestone. An Aging in Place Specialist can help design for long term safety and independence. It is easier and less expensive to incorporate these universal design strategies when you remodel, than try to retrofit later…

Efficient Water Heaters Advances in hot water technology offer  increased efficiency and savings on utilities. What are the options if you only have electric utilities, or what hot water system should one consider if you have gas to your home?

Is a Swimming Pool for You? A backyard swimming pool offers an easy means to exercise and get cool in hot weather. It is great for entertaining kids of all ages! Tips for designing a swimming pool that will fit your family’s needs include….



Kitchen Remodeling & Bath Remodeling for the Most Important Rooms  The main actors to consider when doing kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling include length of time you will be in the home, and lifestyle. How to prepare to plan for a kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project.

Moisture Damage in the Bathroom  Bathrooms are highly susceptible to mold growth…watch for these signs that it is time for a bathroom remodel…..

A Luxury Makeover for the Kitchen and Bath  What bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling design details make the difference? Cabinet choice, appliances, creative storage, ambiance, warmth…

Outdoor Kitchen Decadence  Extend the comforts of home by working with a remodeling professional for an outdoor kitchen remodeling project. Consider cooking, beverages, comfort, and the wow factor….

Want a New Kitchen by Thanksgiving?  Start in August!  Do not let another holiday go by in a kitchen that cramps your style. Define your wants via Pinterest, your needs, budget for kitchen remodeling Phoenix.

Celebrate National Kitchen and Bath Month by Remodeling  Are you tired of an outdated or dysfunction kitchen?  Does your bathroom still look like it did when you moved in?  October is National Kitchen and Bath Month and its a great time for kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling.  When contemplating a remodeling project be sure to consider….

Storage Solutions for Every Room, Cost effective remodeling projects to help get organized and find a place for all your treasures in your kitchen, bath, bedroom, garage….

Give Your Kitchen an Extra Splash No other room is more important than the kitchen when you are remodeling your home. An updated kitchen gives the greatest return on investment. A kitchen backsplash can be a focal point that enhances beauty and character to the space that gets more guest traffic than any other room in the home….

The Latest Kitchen Accessories Part of the enjoyment that goes along with being a proud homeowner is knowing the latest industry trends and making updates to our homes when innovative home products are available. There are more and more innovative home products being offered every day by those looking to make life in the kitchen easier, healthier and more fun for everyone…



Steps to an Energy Efficient Home.  You can stay comfortable and save money with these five tips.

Save Money with a Programmable Thermostat Here are some ideas on choosing the right programmable thermostat

Fall Home Maintenance  Use this indoor and outdoor checklist to be ready for cooler weather, lower utility bills, and enjoy a safer, healthier home environment.

Practical Kitchen Organization Tips  You can make your kitchen seem larger and be more efficient by utilizing these six tips.

Termites Be Gone! Protect your home from a termite infestation by following these tips….

Reclaiming Your Garage  Your garage is the first experience of your house, does it welcome you home? Or demand your attention? Tips on steel cabinetry, storage and organization….

Exterior Lighting as the Unsung Hero  Exterior lighting not only accentuates the beauty of the home, it also helps to provide safety and protection….

Spring Home Maintenance Harsh weather is hard on your home’s exterior. Plan when the weather is cool to go through this list to protect your home….

Protect Your Home from the Dangers of a Storm The aftermath of a serious storm can be devastating. Recognize the power of Mother Nature, and more importantly, how to prepare your home to weather storms to help save you time and money before she strikes.

Keeping Your House Cool The largest utility expense will be from cooling the home. Here are a few options to consider when looking for ways to beat the heat….

End of Summer Home Maintenance  Do you know how to check for needed home repairs and what to do to care for your home to prepare for winter?  These recommendations will help keep out the cold, and unwelcome critters (such as termites) from your home….

Indoor Projects for Your Home Winter is a great time to make a list of those projects that have been waiting and need to get done.  Let’s go room by room and take a peek at the possibilities for the family room…. kitchen…. bathroom…. laundry room….. guest room (see the article for the ideas!)

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays Here are some tips to help ensure that your home is prepared for the parade of visitors and colder weather, so you can maintain the holiday spirit. A little preventative home maintenance and some prior planning can mean a more relaxing and enjoyable holiday season with family and friends….

What to Know about Mold in the home. Many people live in homes where mold is growing and aren’t even aware of it. If left untended, it can cause significant health problems to those sharing its space. How do you know if you have mold, and what can you do about it? A few signs of mold presence include…



Paint: What the Hue Says About You. Colors can influence mood in ways you may not expect.

Top Five Remodeling Trends in 2013  These five most popular home improvement trends reflected simplicity and efficiency.

Ergonomics in the Home Office More and more people are working from home. Implement these tips to lessen fatigue and strain on your muscles, joints, and eyes…

Decorative Outdoor Lighting  Five types of lighting to accentuate and provide safety for the exterior of your home.

Aging in Place: The Smart Choice  80% of homeowners want to live in their home as long and comfortably as possible. When doing a home remodeling project, use a certified remodeler who is trained in universal design.

Eco-Friendly Home Products  With homes becoming more air tight, carefully consider what may add toxins to the indoor air when selecting cabinets, flooring, paint….

Forever Homes  When doing home remodeling, include these design elements for aging in place….it will make your home more marketable when it is time to sell.

Solar Energy Basics  Sun power is free, renewable, clean, and reliable…Some considerations when choosing and designing a solar system for your home remodeling Phoenix.

Hot Remodeling Trends in 2012  Homeowners are hiring professional designers who are experienced in “going green to save green” (money) especially for kitchen remodeling.  Bathroom remodeling is going natural, and outdoor living spaces are a popular way to extend the home’s floorplan…..

Remodeling with Mom in Mind  Mom’s are great about sacrificial love, and may not consider her needs when remodeling!  What are some home design needs of mothers with infants, toddlers, Tweens, Teens, college students, even grandkids?  Efficiency and organization are in order..

Manly Remodels  What are some ideas to give husbands and fathers an inspiring domain that they will really enjoy?

Smart People, Smart Homes   Do you know how much attic insulation you need?  With sufficient house insulation, a programmable thermostat, choosing efficient appliances, and products that do not put harmful chemicals into the air, you can green your home and make a healthier environment for your family and reduce your carbon footprint!

Home Design and Decorating Trends for 2011 The value of a home is more about the healthy lifestyle that it offers, rather than financial worth alone. Current design trends is a back-to basics feel that merges vintage with modern and contemporary, with an emphasis on the home becoming a sanctuary for relaxing and cultivating personal relationships….

Choosing the Right Window Treatment Window treatments can change the mood of a room, maximize privacy, or provide an accent. Choosing the right window treatments can be overwhelming. Here are some points to consider….

How to Start Planning for Your Next Remodeling Project Upgrading an outdated kitchen or bath, or building an addition will be less daunting with a little advanced preparation. Try these steps…

Greening” Your Home Here are some green, eco-friendly tips to lower your energy bills, have a healthier home, both of which are money savers!


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