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Tornado Body Dryer

bathroom remodeling phoenix

bathroom remodeling phoenix

The Luxurious Tornado Body  DryerA Soothing After-Shower Experience



Finished showering? Don’t reach for a towel. Instead, simply activate the environmentally-friendly Tornado Body Dryer and you’ll be wrapped in a blanket of luxurious warm air that gently and completely dries your entire body.

A relative of mine stayed at a hotel in Europe, and he and his wife experienced the Tornado Body Dryer. They loved being wrapped in a blanket of warm air, and helped to bring it to the United States so everyone can enjoy the many benefits.

Benefits of the Tornado Body Dryer


  • You can prewarm your shower space, saving on hot water
  • You can continue the relaxation of the shower experience by having warm air swirl around you to dry you off from head to toe
  • Both hands are free to style and scrunch your hair—no need to fumble with a hand held hairdryer
  • No more wet, smelly towels (or having pick up someone else’s!) saving 70% on energy costs of laundering
  • It removes excess moisture out of the air reducing risk of mold and mildew (if mirrors are fogged, there is also condensation on ceiling and walls too!)
  • If you are physically challenged, there is less worry of falling, or effort to try to dry those areas out of arms reach which gives more independence and privacy.

Whether you want the luUntitled 21xurious spa experience for yourself, or peace of mind giving one to your parents to reduce risk of falling in the bathroom, it is a great gift to show your love for that special someone in your life.  If you want an innovative product that pampers and is practical, it is a must have for a bathroom remodel.

The Tornado Body Dryer provides you added safety, privacy and independence allowing you to maintain self respect and dignity.  Following a shower, you’ll enjoy the swirling warm air that surrounds and totally dries you without the need to rub an abrasive towel over your body.

Features of the Tornado Body Dryer

  • Compact and lightweight (approx 8 lbs)
  • Attractive, durable ABS plastic casing in white (standard), or premium colors of: golden almond pearl, sunset bronze pearl, meteorite metallic, as well as any custom color
  • Securely and easily attaches to shower wall
  • Two speed settings; simple and safe to operate
  • Consistent, even airflow*
  • Powerful 220v / 12.5amp motor (installation by an electrician is recommended)
  • Proven reliability / 1-Year Product Warranty

*Patented airflow design creates a tornado-like vortex of air providing a powerful, yet gentle, breeze of warm air flowing evenly from head to toe.



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