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Blog: Great Home Living Tips

Please read through our latest blog entries. We hope you find them useful.

2014.12.16: Design Your Master Bath Like the Rich and Famous
2014.12.11: Meaningful Home Gift Ideas
2014.11.25: Trends in Kitchen Remodeling
2014.11.12: Making Your Home Accessible Can Be Tax Deductible
2014.10.28: How To Stretch the Kitchen Remodeling Budget
2014.10.16: Its Smart Keeping Your Home Updated
2014.10.07: 2014 Trends in Bathroom Remodeling
2014.09.24: Eco-Friendly Flooring: Linoleum
2014.09.15: Energy Star Appliance Ratings Now More Stringent
2014.09.04: Five Tips to Prepare for Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling
2014.08.27: Using The Psychology of Color When Remodeling
2014.08.14: Our Mistrust of Dishwashers
2014.08.06: Is TV Remodeling Reality?
2014.07.23: Six Benefits from Energy Efficient Windows
2014.07.10: The Versatility of a Multigenerational Home
2014.07.02: Houzz Survey: Criteria for Choosing a Remodeler
2014.06.25: Adding Luxury in Kitchen Remodeling and Bath Remodeling
2014.06.16: Good Laundry Room Lighting
2014.06.10: Designing a Modern Man Cave
2014.05.29: What’s Hot in Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring? Luxury Vinyl Tile!
2014.05.12: What Follows Home Remodeling? Outdoor Remodeling!
2014.05.01: Remodeling Tips to Reduce Noise in the Home
2014.04.14: Survey: More People Want Green Building for Their Home
2014.04.08: Extraordinary Storage for Kitchen and Bath
2014.03.26: Top Five Best Home Products from International Builders Show 2014
2014.03.14: CAPS Remodelers Help You Stay in the Home You Love
2014.03.02: Nine Home Improvement Projects Best Left to the Pros
2014.02.17: Houzz Survey: Top Four Reasons for Kitchen Remodeling
2014.02.04: Bathroom Remodeling Design Trends for 2014
2014.01.22: Investing in Remodeling Instead of Buying a Bigger Home
2014.01.09: Induction Cooktop Costs Are In Range for More Homeowners
2013.12.20: How Long Does a Phoenix Home Remodeling Project Take?
2013.12.13: Gift Ideas for the Home
2013.11.21: The Modern Male is Becoming a Kitchen Chef
2013.11.05: A Dishwasher First—Bottle Wash Jets!
2013.10.23: Home Remodeling Trends in 2013
2013.10.12: Kitchen Remodeling & Bathroom Remodeling for Daily Living Perks
2013.09.18: Top Ten Universal Design Elements For Home Remodeling
2013.09.02: Make Life Easier with Kitchen Remodeling or Bath Remodeling
2013.08.20: Tips for Outdoor Living Room Design
2013.08.06: Evolution of Home Design: Bedrooms and Bathrooms
2013.07.24: Home Protection from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
2013.07.15: Foodie Kitchen Remodeling Phoenix for Fast Home Cooked Meals
2013.07.02: Add a Residential Pneumatic Elevator to Skip the Stairs
2013.06.28: Avoiding and Detecting Moisture Damage in the Bathroom
2013.06.19: When is a Hybrid Hot Water System a Better Choice?
2013.06.12: Is a Tankless Water Heater the Best Choice?
2013.06.03: Keep your House Cool in the Summer
2013.05.30: Three Factors for Planning Lighting for Phoenix Home Remodeling
2013.05.06: Use Your Smartphone for a Smart Keyless Lock!
2013.04.23: Eight Tips for Maximizing Storage for Your Bathroom Remodel phoenix
2013.04.16: Six Lower Cost Tips to Save Money on Utilities
2013.04.09: Does Your Home Environment Create Tension, or Bliss?
2013.03.20: Home Remodeling Budget Magic
2013.03.10: Remodeling Design with Kids Needs in Mind
2013.03.06: When is a Building Permit Needed for Phoenix Home Remodeling?
2013.02.20: Remodeling Strategies for Short or Long-term Home Ownership
2013.02.07: Phoenix Home Improvement Tips on a Remodeling Budget
2013.01.23: Seven Innovative Home Products from the International Builders Show
2013.01.14: Generation X Remodel for Their American Dream of Home Ownership
2013.01.02: Must Haves For the Best in Home Remodeling
2012.12.18: Favorites for Kitchen Remodeling & Bath Remodeling
2012.12.07: Ten Great Home Improvement Gift Ideas
2012.11.22: Thankful for the Rebound in Phoenix Home Remodeling
2012.11.14: Using Pinterest to Help Design the Home of Your Dreams
2012.11.03: Small Budget Remodeling for a Fresh Look
2012.10.29: Incorporate Universal Design when Remodeling
2012.10.22: Bathroom Remodeling for an Everyday Resort Spa Experience
2012.10.04: Kitchen Remodeling for the Love of Cooking!
2012.09.27: How to Conserve Water for Bathroom Remodeling Phoenix
2012.09.19: Is Now a Good Time for Home Remodeling Phoenix?
2012.09.06: How to Choose a Home Remodeling Company
2012.08.29: Home Remodeling Design Tips for Reducing Stress
2012.08.22: What Should Be in a Home Remodeling Contract
2012.08.15: Phoenix Green Home Remodeling to Save Money
2012.07.23: Protecting the American Dream of Home Ownership
2012.07.13: Kitchen Remodels in Phoenix and Beyond, Not One Size Fits All
2012.07.06: Maximizing Space With Your Scottsdale Bathroom Remodel
2012.07.02: Are you considering a “DIY” home remodeling Phoenix?
2012.06.25: Phoenix bathroom remodeling: How Do I Pick My Contractor?
2012.06.13: How to Select Energy Efficient Windows
2012.06.08: Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling: The More Storage The Better
2012.05.30: Make Everyday a Staycation with some Phoenix Home Remodeling
2012.05.21: Try an Open Floor Plan for your Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling
2012.05.14: What is Design - Build Remodeling?
2012.04.30: The Many Benefits of a Walk-In Tub for a Bathroom Remodel
2012.04.23: Choosing Paint for a Healthy Home Environment
2012.04.10: The Return of the Home Library
2012.03.20: Be on the Lookout for Mold in the Home
2012.03.09: Smog Eating Roof Tile!
2012.02.24: Stylish Grab Bars in Bathroom Design
2012.02.06: First Steps for Phoenix Home Remodeling
2012.01.23: What is Aging in Place and Why is it Becoming so Popular?
2012.01.09: Remodeling Permits at Highest Level in Seven Years
2012.01.03: Home Improvement Can Mean Life Improvement!
2011.12.19: Are Cracks in a Painted Cabinet Normal?
2011.12.07: Add a Home Theater for a Unique Home Value
2011.11.30: Choose, Made in America, to Boost our Economy
2011.11.15: Eliminate Grout Lines with ForzaStone Shower Panels
2011.11.11: Innovative Ovens that Help Cook Healthier Meals Quickly!
2011.11.02: Optimal Space Remodeling is In, Rather than a Bigger House
2011.10.26: Do you have a “visitable home”?
2011.10.22: The Four Basic Kitchen Layouts
2011.10.19: Money Saving Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Tips
2011.10.06: Why Are Homeowners Remodeling Kitchens?
2011.09.22: Do You Have an Outdoor Living Space?
2011.09.14: Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit Expires This Year
2011.09.08: Can You Replace Countertops Now, and Cabinets Later?
2011.08.12: Wanted: Home Storage Solutions!
2011.08.01: Help Stop Viruses From Spreading in the Family!