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LG Twin Clothes Washer Laundry Innovation

Imagine being able to do two loads of laundry at the same time, without needing to do a laundry room remodel! LG has developed a mini washer in the pedestal of their front load clothes washers that can be used simultaneously. This smart innovation of an additional mini washer can be used for delicate items, […]

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Kitchen Design for Generation X

Gen Xers were born between 1965-1980. They grew up having to be more independent and self-reliant. They will drive style with a focus on individuality; yet want to be current in color and trends. They are technologically savvy and are accustomed to be leading edge. They like informality, and strive to have work and life […]

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Kitchen Design for Generation Y

Gen Yers have been called, Nexters, born 1980-2000, and are just entering the workforce. They are tech savvy and well socially networked like Generation X. They want to express creativity and do things on their own. They want homes to meet their needs, not luxuries. They are emotionally closer to their parents, who may be […]

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Kitchen Design For Baby Boomers

Those born between 1945-1964 are known as the Baby Boomers. Though the Millennials (aged 18-34) will overtake the Baby Boomers in numbers of those living, the Baby Boomers compromise the largest segment of the workforce. They are known to give maximum effort in their endeavors, and are results driven. Therefore, they expect more in service. […]

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Six Tips for a Successful Outdoor Remodeling Project

More people are doing outdoor remodeling. Not only do homeowners want to utilize and live in all the rooms of the home, they want to plan to for living in the backyard. The goal is to create a place that is inviting and draws you to the great outdoors, is functional, and easy to maintain. […]

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Four Tips to Maximize Space When Remodeling

Thinking about what to do next for a home remodeling Phoenix? Smart, functional design can create the experience of having more space in your home without having to do an addition. A well balanced home layout will have each room getting good use, and each room will be as pleasant and inviting as the next. […]

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Benefits of Choosing a Design Build Remodeler

There is a significant difference in the look and experience between a production built home, and one designed by an Architect. When homeowners feel they have found the home that they plan to enjoy for many years, some take the first step to remodel it tot their tastes and lifestyle by hiring an Architect. All […]

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Factors in Selecting a Tub When Remodeling

If taking a bath is a luxury indulged in, there are several tub types to consider for a Scottsdale bathroom remodeling project. Bathtubs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The selection may be dictated by frequency of use, purpose, the remodeling budget, and the size and configuration of the space. There are […]

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Three Green Remodeling Trends Here to Stay

In the beginning, green remodeling was considered to be anything that was made that conserved energy, was from renewable materials, or recycled and reused. But as people became more interested, involved, and educated, the standards for what could qualify as green remodeling, were raised. For example, a company that represented their countertop as being “green” […]

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Remodeling: 2015 Cost vs Value Report

02/12/15 1:44 PM For over a decade, Remodeling Magazine has conducted a survey of what home remodeling projects cost compared with realtors’ perception of how much it would increase a home’s value. It is subjective, for just as two projects may cost the same dollar amount, the design detail can make one much more attractive […]

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