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Four Tips to Maximize Space When Remodeling

Thinking about what to do next for a home remodeling Phoenix? Smart, functional design can create the experience of having more space in your home without having to do an addition. A well balanced home layout will have each room getting good use, and each room will be as pleasant and inviting as the next. […]

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Benefits of Choosing a Design Build Remodeler

There is a significant difference in the look and experience between a production built home, and one designed by an Architect. When homeowners feel they have found the home that they plan to enjoy for many years, some take the first step to remodel it tot their tastes and lifestyle by hiring an Architect. All […]

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Factors in Selecting a Tub When Remodeling

If taking a bath is a luxury indulged in, there are several tub types to consider for a Scottsdale bathroom remodeling project. Bathtubs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The selection may be dictated by frequency of use, purpose, the remodeling budget, and the size and configuration of the space. There are […]

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Three Green Remodeling Trends Here to Stay

In the beginning, green remodeling was considered to be anything that was made that conserved energy, was from renewable materials, or recycled and reused. But as people became more interested, involved, and educated, the standards for what could qualify as green remodeling, were raised. For example, a company that represented their countertop as being “green” […]

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Remodeling: 2015 Cost vs Value Report

02/12/15 1:44 PM For over a decade, Remodeling Magazine has conducted a survey of what home remodeling projects cost compared with realtors’ perception of how much it would increase a home’s value. It is subjective, for just as two projects may cost the same dollar amount, the design detail can make one much more attractive […]

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Best of the 2015 Best of Show KBIS Awards

02/03/15 5:21 PM Let us bring to  those who are into home remodeling Phoenix, top kitchen and bath award winners to take notice of! The annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, known as KBIS, now combined with the International Builders Show, is North America’s premier home remodeling professional event showcasing vendors, and industry expert training […]

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Five Ways to Pay for Your Home Remodeling Project

01/21/15 11:42 AM Whether your home remodeling Phoenix project is simple, such as increasing the energy efficiency of your home, or more encompassing like customizing your home via a kitchen remodeling or master bathroom remodeling project, you will need money for  the remodeling budget for your dreams to materialize. If your house isn’t how you […]

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LED Lighting Is Now Practical

01/08/15 11:36 AM Have you tried using LED lights with your kitchen remodeling home improvement project and found that at night, the countertop, even the cabinets looked like a different color? Have you ever had the experience of going to a parking lot at night and not recognizing your car by its color? It used […]

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Design Your Master Bath Like the Rich and Famous

12/16/14 8:07 PM It can be affordable to have a master bathroom like the rich and famous. An experienced bathroom designer can help work with you on ways to conserve the remodeling budget, to get the special elements in your bathroom that would make it luxurious to enjoy everyday. For example, you may wish for […]

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Meaningful Home Gift Ideas

12/11/14 6:53 AM For our loved ones, we want to think of meaningful gifts to give to express our feelings to those special in our lives. We can even get clever, or even corny in how we say it as a symbol of our affection. Sometimes it can be those little things with thought that […]

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