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Detox the Kitchen via Kitchen Remodeling

Is it possible to detox the kitchen by doing kitchen remodeling? You bet! Considering we live, laugh, and love in the kitchen, we want it to be a healthy room for hanging out.  If someone has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or asthma, air quality is more crucial. An outdated kitchen can be toxic. Kitchen remodeling […]

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Top 21 Features Homeowners Want

Every year Professional Builder magazine conducts a national design innovation survey of its readers, asking on a scale of 1 to 5, with five being very important, what features homeowners want in their next home. These are the 2015 elements to consider including in your next home remodeling project, to keep your house current with […]

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What’s New in Eco-friendly Flooring?

Sometimes it can be a worn floor that says, its time for a home remodeling project! There is a movement for healthier and responsible living, and manufacturers are listening, provide better flooring options. People want the look of traditional that is easier on the body and the environment, and there is a greater array of […]

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Kitchen Fire or Flood, Do You Restore or Remodel?

Having to deal with a crisis such as a fire or flood is a stressful disruption to daily life. It is important to take time to calm the emotions and think strategically about what you want for the final, long-term outcome. Do you want the same look of your kitchen, or would you rather have […]

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Top Ten Bathroom Design Trends in 2015

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) has conducted a design survey of the Top Ten bathroom design trends in 2015. Homeowners are moving from a transitional design style in the bathroom, to a more contemporary style for a simple, clean, and spacious look.  Rather than having a furniture style vanity, the cabinetry is hung up […]

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Popular Remodeling Requests That Makes a House a Home

Often before we even buy a home, we’re thinking in our mind about the home remodeling that needs to be done to have it fit our lifestyle and personality. The home purchase decision is typically based on a balance of emotional experiences of the pluses and minuses of space, and practicality—in other words, that it has […]

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Ready Your Home for Your Retirement

When it comes to making the most of retirement planning, people concern themselves with planning a budget, and preservation of health.  Home remodeling can help achieve these goals and objectives. Plan to check out your home a year before you retire, it may motivate you to work a little longer just to get everything just […]

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Five Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor

A friend of mine in my home state hired a remodeling contractor to give him a new kitchen with an island that included a range, and redo the bathrooms. He thought he could observe the process, so he would save himself money by being his own General Contractor and duplicate the project on a rental […]

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Six Popular Bathroom Design Features

Professional Builder Magazine conducted a design innovation survey of what is the top preferences in bathroom design that will be used the most in the homes built over the next two years. Fancy upgrades such as fog-resistant mirrors, towel warmers, and bidets were at the bottom of the list. Also falling in popularity is the […]

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Home Remodeling to Meet Market Demand

  When it is time to remodel, it is important to know what is becoming standard in new homes, and what is considered dated. Large scale national builders do a lot of research to know what buyers are looking for in their next home. You can be savvy and include these elements when it is […]

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