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Add a Home Theater for a Unique Home Value

Phoenix home remodeling

There’s nothing like Phoenix home remodeling for a new media room to add value to your home and a little fun for family and friends in the process. Some friends of ours were shopping for a new home as a family, and when one house had a home theater with precious few other desirable attributes, the kids still were jumping up and down saying, pick this one! That little lifestyle sizzle sells!


Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding enhancements to an existing room, you’ll want to take into account a few things to make the result a good one.

  • Have an enclosed, rectangular space to contain and be surrounded by sound.home theater
  • Ceilings that are 12 feet or lower are ideal. Use acoustic tiles.
  •  Cover the walls with floor-to-ceiling drapes to give the room a movie-theater feel. Soundproof the room by using drywall and doors designed to absorb noise so others in the house are not disturbed.
  • Lighting should be soft and subtle. Strategically place light sources to avoid screen glare. Point track lights at the ceiling or walls, or direct lights toward the floor. Install dimmer switches so that you can control the light level.
  • If you are using a TV rather than a projector, plan an access space for easy cord management. Cabinetry can help organize electronic entertainment equipment and cables with access on both sides.  It will also provide storage for movies, software and games.

media room

  •  If the space is sufficient, you may want to build a riser for an additional row of seating to accommodate more people.  For more details on space planning, here is a practical guide.
  • Keep in mind a common mistake is getting a TV that is too large for the viewing, and placing it too high.  Its size and location should be based on the distance of the viewers to the screen.
  • Consider consulting with a sound specialist that can really help create an ultimate entertainment experience for your home.

Best of all, did you know that with a ClearPlay DVD player you can seamlessly filter out unnecessary violence, objectionable language and immoral content so you don’t have to be compromised by disturbing embellishments?  You can set the filters to be low to high in six areas and enjoy the whole movie!  Learn about it here.


Happy Home Remodeling Phoenix!

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