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Last updated September 27, 2011

Cook Remodeling and Custom Construction’s blog, Great Home Living was created to be of resource to homeowners, written and edited by Janet B Cook. Opinions are those of the author at the time, and are believed to be accurate, but are not guaranteed. The content of this website is under copyright. You are welcome to link to this site (as long as you have an ethical, family friendly site), to quote an excerpt if you give credit and link back to the original page you are quoting. You do not need permission to do so as just described for “fair use” (quoting small portions of text), but do not have permission for using photos. Republishing content is not acceptable.

Remodeling is an investment in your home and your day to day living experience, and you may want to consult with financial advisors to help set a remodeling budget, and consult with an experienced remodeling professional for the project design and build to get the results that you want.  An experienced remodeling professional can provide a ballpark remodeling cost estimate on how much different home improvement projects may cost based on your communication of what you want, so you can plan on how you can strategically accomplish your home remodel in phases if need be. If the rate of return is of primary importance, you may want to consult with an experienced realtor to help determine what you can expect to recoup in your market. However, an updated and well designed kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel may help you sell your home for more, and sell more quickly.

Any products reviewed or recommended have been tried and tested over time either by ourselves, or through the course of our business. Opinions will be honest, transparent assessments based on experience or findings. Some will be about products in which we are dealers, which means we have installed many units over the years and can attest to the strengths and limitations of application. We have chosen to sell and install these products because we believe in the quality and customer service meets our high standards, and will identify when a post is referring to a product we sell. The products that available are constantly changing, so you may want to do your own research when it is time to buy. Any product report that you are basing a decision should be verified with the manufacturer. Seek the opinion and recommendations of a remodeling company whose staff regularly attends industry trade shows to keep current with what is available. Technology changes, and a newer model may better fit your needs and goals.

We are not interested in link exchanges, or listing a company or product on our resource page if we are unfamiliar with the product or company in the normal course of our business. If you have compelling content that you think I may want to reference, send me an email (janet at cookremodeling dot com). If you find the information here to be of value to your audience, offer a link on your site. Google is not impressed by reciprocal links.

Comment Policy

Reader comments are encouraged that are relevant to the topic. More heads are better than one! You don’t have to agree, but you are expected to be civil and sincere. This is a family friendly site. Comments that are general in nature, e.g., “great post…” but don’t offer more information on the topic for readers will be considered directed for the benefit of the writer, and not posted for the public.

Spammers (solely seeking self promotion, selling cheap drugs, software, etc.) or scrapers will not be tolerated. Your name should not be an ad/keyword. If you don’t want to use your name, use a pseudonym.

We will never rent, sell, or use your personal information. If you want to sign up to receive our newsletter, you can sign up here.



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