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Investing in Remodeling Instead of Buying a Bigger Home

The value of your home has improved, mortgage rates are still low, this is typically the conditions for people to want to sell their home to move into a bigger one, but maybe not any more.  More people are opting for home remodeling in Phoenix area. There are several considerations that make home remodeling in Phoenix more attractive than spending money to get a larger house.

The newer larger homes are built further away from the center of town, which means more commuting time and the stress of traffic and the expense of fuel. And its not only the rising cost of gasoline that is a factor to keep in mind, the rising cost of utilities should be considered as well.

Did you know if you double the size of your home, you will often triple the size of your energy bill?  As the years go on, will you want to have a large house to keep clean and maintain?

More people are opting to either stay in their home, or move to a similar sized home to a location that is better for them (closer to work, church, family) and invest in home remodeling. A good remodeling designer can make the floor plan flow, the storage and systems efficient, with true lived-in multi-use spaces.

mcmansionThink about it, wouldn’t you rather live in an established neighborhood doing custom home remodeling in Phoenix, than live in a newer bigger home on the outskirts of town with scorpions that are still trying to claim what has been their territory?


Happy Home Remodeling!


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