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Make Everyday a Staycation with some Phoenix Home Remodeling

With summer upon us, many Americans start contemplating where to go for their vacation. Many are shocked to find airfare increases up to 30% and more over last year.  The rising fuel prices and the hassle and stress of travel have many considering other options, like making their home the destination by doing some Phoenix home remodeling.

Staycations, or vacations at home, have become increasingly popular over the last decade.  No worries about what to pack and the expense of travel, lodging and eating out. Besides the cost savings and reduced stress from travel mishaps, you can enjoy overall rest and relaxation in the comfort and with all the conveniences of your own home.


According to Matt Wixon, writer and columnist for the Dallas Morning News:

A staycation allows a family to save money while spending more quality time together and helping a local economy. 

Rather than spending money on pricey vacations, invest it in your home for your enjoyment and a lifetime of benefits. Imagine making every day seem like a staycation with a professionally designed home remodeling project. With a few home improvements to your kitchen and bath, you can wake up everyday to your own personal 4-star resort!

Imagine enjoying a waterfall experience in your shower, followed by the luxurious Tornado Body Dryer.  Perhaps you’d prefer to soak in a bath with rejuvenating mineral salts and essential oil for soothing aromatherapy.  We’ve gathered lots of ideas on our Pinterest board to create a beautiful place to start and end your day.  I don’t know about you, but I sleep much better at home too!

Have the joy of preparing a delicious homemade meal in your state-of-the art kitchen.  Make it the centerpiece of your home that is a magnet for family and friends.  Have a vacation party and tell everyone to bring a dish to share and sport a Hawaiian shirt!  You can’t enjoy sharing with all your friends when you’re out of town either!  A well designed kitchen will facilitate your lifestyle for good times, and great memories.

For the maximum staycation benefit, experts recommend having ample storage, so everything can be tucked away in its place.  With some simple home remodeling, you can keep every room organized to give that time and space to relax.  Even the simplest home improvement can make a difference to your pocketbook, your well-being, and your everyday life.

We can help turn your home into your own oasis.  Contact us to find out how!

Happy Home Remodeling!

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