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Factors in Selecting a Tub When Remodeling

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If taking a bath is a luxury indulged in, there are several tub types to consider for a Scottsdale bathroom remodeling project. Bathtubs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The selection may be dictated by frequency of use, purpose, the remodeling budget, and the size and configuration of the space.

There are four basic bathtub types: recessed, built-in, freestanding, and specialty. Consider the varying material’s durability, reparability, weight, and how well it retains heat in your selection.

Recessed Tub

This tub is built in an alcove in combination with a shower and are most common in homes. It can help conserve use of space in the bathroom. Clear glass shower doors can help the room seem larger, and showcase decorative tile. Some prefer an enclosed tub to help keep bath water warmer longer.

Built In Tub

This is a stand alone, deeper tub than a recessed tub, and is often placed adjacent to the shower. They may be built in a corner. The front of the platform can be tiled, and the deck can be a contrasting color. The tub can be dropped in with the edge over the deck, or undermount tub. A dramatic tub filler faucet can be specified, as well as a hand held spray. Designate the faucet to be where it will not interfere with how you get in and out of the tub.

soaker tub

Freestanding Tub

These can either be antique style (claw tub), contemporary, or an artistic sculpture of many types of materials that can be accessible from all sides. They make a dramatic statement, and are more of a soaker tub. They may require more hot water to fill.

Specialty Tub

A Scottsdale bathroom remodeling project may likely include a premier soaking tub, such as an air massage whirlpool type. They can be also be designed for aromatherapy, light therapy, or sound therapy. Another specialty type of tub is a walk-in. Remember that walk in tubs fill only after one is inside the tub with the door locked, and the door can only be opened after the water is drained out. Make sure it fills fast, and drains quickly too.


Happy Scottsdale bathroom remodeling!

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