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Four Tips to Maximize Space When Remodeling

home remodeling phoenix

Thinking about what to do next for a home remodeling Phoenix? Smart, functional design can create the experience of having more space in your home without having to do an addition. A well balanced home layout will have each room getting good use, and each room will be as pleasant and inviting as the next.

1) Live Open and Informal

Rather than closing off the kitchen, have an open floor plan, and utilize the kitchen as the hub of the home, making it a multipurpose center for activity, merging with the family room.

2) Repurpose Unused Rooms to Fit Your Lifestyle

If you have a formal living room and dining room, perhaps that can become a part of the kitchen, with the living room becoming a small intimate library, a game room, or a theater, or exercise space.

3) Create Creative Spaces

Use an alcove for a computer station. Put in wall niches for art or shelves. Create a play get away for kids or grandkids.

view to backyard

4)Connect the home to the outdoors

Locate windows strategically maximize views throughout the home to give a sense of expansion. Have a point of interest through the window of an outdoor room, kitchen, porch, intimate garden.



If there are rooms idle and neglected, like a more formal dining area, or even a small sense of dread entering the room, like the laundry, then it is time for a remodel!


Happy Home Remodeling Phoenix!

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