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When it comes to making the most of retirement planning, people concern themselves with planning a budget, and preservation of health.  Home remodeling can help achieve these goals and objectives. Plan to check out your home a year before you retire, it may motivate you to work a little longer just to get everything just how you want it!


Minimize cost of utilities by getting an energy audit of the home. Is there any missing insulation behind the walls or in the attic? Are there leaks around windows or doors? Are better-insulated windows and doors recommended? Are there any leaks in the ductwork of your heat/air conditioning? Thermal imaging and a pressure test provide this kind of information.  What about the condition of the heat pump?

Do a thorough inspection to check for those problems that tend to go unnoticed, at first. Check for dry rot in wood and for any termite activity along the foundation of the house, and in sink cabinets.  Check for signs of water leaks or mold. Is the wall and floor of the shower solid? Is the floor around the toilet solid? Can you turn on and off the water supply to the toilets and sinks?

Is there good grading and drainage away from the house’s foundation with no earth to wood contact? Are there signs of settling (cracks or doors/window frames not square). Do all doors and windows open and lock easily?

Next consider what can be added to the home for greater safety and longer enjoyment of the home. These are a few basic universal design features that can help people live independently for a longer period. A Certified Aging in Place Specialist can help make further recommendations.

  • At least one zero threshold entry into the home
  • Wider hallways and doors
  • More lighting
  • No threshold walk in shower with grab bars, bench, and hand held shower
  • Roll out drawers in lower cabinets



Being strategic can get your house in top shape to best serve you for years to come.

Happy Home Remodeling!


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