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Six Tips for a Successful Outdoor Remodeling Project

More people are doing outdoor remodeling. Not only do homeowners want to utilize and live in all the rooms of the home, they want to plan to for living in the backyard. The goal is to create a place that is inviting and draws you to the great outdoors, is functional, and easy to maintain.

Here are six tips to help with an outdoor remodeling project.

• Consider the location and sun exposure, the weather and seasons. Plan the design with the major landscaping in mind, where the large trees are or will be located to create microclimates to lessen heat. Should there be a high cover with ceiling fans? A partial trellis? Do you want in-floor heating to take the edge off cool nights?
• Integrate the outdoor space with the home so it looks part of the structure, and an extension of the floor plan. A well designed outdoor room can be less expensive than an addition.
• Have a focal point such as a fireplace or water feature with an area for conversation. Do you want built in benches? Have an area for dining. Do you want a wet bar or an outdoor kitchen included?
• Use premium materials for longevity and ease of maintenance. If costs exceed budget, do the project in stages. There are less expensive options, like a tinted and stamped concrete rather than pavers.
• Get creative in making a unique space. Would you prefer a patio cover without mid-support columns? What about a pony wall that has obscure glass on top for a privacy screen to create an intimate corner?
• You can have an attractive space, but without adequate lighting, it won’t be a destination of choice. You may also want to plan for music.

Happy Outdoor Remodeling!
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