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Top Five Best Home Products from International Builders Show 2014

The National Association of Home Builders and Remodelers has announced the Best New Products for Home Remodeling for 2014!


Every year we send our team leaders to the annual International Builders Show to learn from the best, and to see first hand innovative products in home building and remodeling. It is about 10 football fields of product displays! That is why it is smart to hire a remodeling design professional, there is a lot of innovation to keep up with. We learn how to further lower energy costs, and the latest design trends for long term home value.

Nuvo H2O

The show provides a panel of independent building professional judges to award who has the best products at the show. Her are the top five most exciting 2014 winners.

  • Best Indoor Living Product: a salt free Water Softening System by NuvoH20. Formerly available only commercially, therevolutionary technology lowers the pH level of water without water waste or use of electricity. No more hard water deposits in your shower, dishwasher, dishes or pipes, and the water is safe for all household uses, including bathing, drinking, or watering plants.




Quick Decorative Channel Drain

  • Best Bathroom Product: Decorative Channel Drains by Quick Drain USA, provides an attractive linear drain that borders one side of the shower for a curbless entry. It is engineered to effectively drain all water and debris and is only 1.5 inches wide.





Halo HU20 Magnetic LED Undercabinet Lighting

  • Best Kitchen Product: Halo HU20 Magnetic LED Undercabinet Luminair by Eaton’s Cooper Lighting, leaves the competition in the dark. This sleek lighting fixture is only .7 inches thick requiring no extra cabinet trim to conceal it (standard LED lights are 1.5 inches thick). It gets better. The puck lights can be moved along the casing to be in the perfect position for the homeowner. Instead of being a set uniform spacing, you can slide the lights for strategic illumination that you desire.


TruTankless by Bollente Companies

  • Best Home Technology Product: TruTankless by Bollente Companies—a product I didn’t believe I would see inmy lifetime! A tankless water heater heats water as it passes through a pipe system for hot water on demand, eliminating the energy waste of heating water that isn’t used, and avoiding running out of hot water! There have been effective gas powered units, but not electrical units, until now!


    • Overall Best in ShowPush-Pull-Rotate Door Locks by Brinks Home Security makes it easy to open a door. In addition to turning the knob or lever, you can push, or pull! If your arms are full carrying in groceries, or your hands are dirty—faster than saying, open says me, you can bump it with your elbow or hip and the door opens! You can also in one movement pull on the handle and open the door simultaneously.


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Happy Home Remodeling!



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