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2018 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Houzz published their 2018 kitchen remodeling trends results from surveying over 1700 U.S. homeowners about their recent or planned kitchen renovations. Knowing what is becoming popular and what is falling out of style is helpful to keep a kitchen looking current. Here are some of their findings.

No Clutter.  This is a priority. All countertop appliances are being tucked away and waste & recycling receptacles are in a pull-out cabinet. Everyone wants a kitchen remodeling designed for abundant, organized storage for utensils, pans, cooking sheets and platters and dishes so everything is easy to store and to find. Close to half wanted to increase the size of the kitchen to meet their needs.
Engineered Quartz Countertops are now more popular than granite, which has been in a decline for three years. There has been such advancement in color production that one can easily mimic the look of marble or stone, and multicolored countertops are preferred. Engineered quartz is more durable and less porous than granite. You’ll love it so much you will want to keep your counters clear of clutter!
Mix in style.  U-shaped kitchens are being replaced by the more open, L-shaped layout with a kitchen island and breakfast bar. Traditional is out and transitional, contemporary and farmhouse styles are in. A common preference, 43% were getting white, 25% wood, includes shaker door style custom or semi-custom cabinets.  Stainless steel appliances are most popular.
Flooring. Hardwood or wood-like materials. Engineered wood and wood laminate are on the rise.
Budget. Coastal cities spend the most, e.g. San Francisco spends an average of $70,000 for a major kitchen remodeling project. The national average is $42,000. 85% of those surveyed said they would hire a professional to manage the project. 52% would hire a general contractor. The majority splurged on countertops, “smart” appliances, and cabinets (42%, 39%, and 31% respectively), and sought to save on flooring, backsplashes, and lighting.

Happy following the 2018 Kitchen Remodeling Trends!


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