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Adding Luxury in Kitchen Remodeling and Bath Remodeling

06/25/14 8:42 PM

It can be little details added to a well thought out design for a kitchen remodeling project or a bathroom remodeling project that will give the feel of luxury. Here are a few ideas to include in your remodeling budget that can give you the experience you’ve always wanted for your home.


         Custom-made cabinets. Quality cabinets give your kitchen a personality that reflects you. Crown molding options can dress up your choices of wood specie, style, and color. If you have the space, splurge on a custom island with “feet” and “posts” to give it a look of an elegant piece of furniture. Choose a different color than the rest of the cabinets to have it stand out.  Having the feel of nature is popular in kitchen remodeling. Adding a stone backsplash gives the added warmth that is so inviting to the space.

         Cooking Options.  Upgrade to an induction cooktop for greater efficiency and cut down on heating up the kitchen. Why not add a second specialty oven, such as a steam or speed oven, to easily and quickly produce healthier food? Warming drawers are another great perk to help keep food warm until ready to be served.

         Appliances. Installing refrigerated drawers for ready to grab fruit and vegetables facilitates healthy and nutritious snack choices. Having dual dishwashers, one for clean, and one for the dirty eliminates the step of having to move them somewhere else!

         Easy Access. A walk in pantry is popular feature to include in a kitchen remodeling project. It is a convenient means to store items and quickly see what you have in stock. A smart way to keep your garbage behind the scenes is to install an under-the-counter trash compactor and a recycling bin drawer. Specify roll out shelves for your bottom cabinets for easy accessibility too!


        Marble surfaces  One of bathroom remodeling trends according to a Houzz survey is the use of luxurious marble. It can be specified for the countertop, tub decking, walls,floor,even a bench (make it a radiant heated seat!)

custom construction phoenix az

custom construction phoenix az

         Creative storage solutions. When designing a bathroom remodeling project, try to tuck outlets out of sight. They can be in a drawer that also stores a hair dryer or shaver, or a niche or medicine cabinet that stores the electric toothbrush. Have a pull-out hamper that glides back into place under the counter. These simple details will be easy on the remodeling budget.

         Bathing. Take out the combination shower/bath and treat yourself to separate spa-like areas. How about a deep soaking tub, or an air-jetted tub? A walk in groutless shower with multiple shower heads and a hand held- one for rain, and one you can dial for different types of sprays is perfect for him and her. Not many people regularly use a bath, so it is much safer to walk into the shower. Have the floor sloped with a drain edge for a zero threshold.

         Warmth. Heated flooring is a must in any new bathroom remodel. If you are not redoing flooring, you can get similar results with a Tornado Body Dryer. It can preheat the space, one can directly transition from a warm shower, to being bathed with warm air, and it will help eliminate excess moisture from the air. Or if you prefer towels and think ahead, you may want a warming drawer for a pampering experience.

Happy Kitchen Remodeling!

Happy Bathroom Remodeling!


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