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Ten Surprising Benefits from Adding a Second Master Bedroom

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There is a growing demand for homes to have two master bedrooms and to be a visitable home. More homeowners are doing a home addition to include a full bathroom remodeling project to transform a bedroom into another master suite. According to recent national survey, 33% of home buyers want two master bedrooms in their next home. Why? Couples want the convenience and options that it offers.

Couples who choose to do home remodeling to have a second master bedroom do so for many sound reasons, and it’s NOT because they are growing apart! People find as they get older they have difficulty sleeping, and to have a spouse that snores, or tosses and turns, or gets up during the night, or one that reads in bed until they can fall asleep when you want It dark…well, that’s an easy fix. Surprisingly, more younger couples are opting to have their own master bedrooms too because of their work and sleep schedules. They find when they are well rested, and, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Another national survey has found over seventy percent of homeowners want to live independently in their home as long as possible, but most homes do not have a universally designed bathroom which can facilitate aging in place. A universally designed bathroom remodeling project design when creating a second master bedroom could increase your home’s marketability. More people are entering into the retirement years, and most houses do not offer aging-in-place design, so there will be a growing demand. You can differentiate your home from the neighborhood by offering those amenities thereby increasing its value.

There are many practical benefits to having a second master bedroom:

  • It is a great place to offer visiting family and guests for greater privacy and comfort.
  • It can cost about 25% less to add onto a bedroom to convert it into a master bedroom than adding a guest house.
  • 60% of adults are finding themselves needing at some point to provide care and support for their parents in their home.
  • In the future, you or your spouse could need more living support, and want to offer room for caretaker services.
  • If you are widowed, you may want to rent a room for companionship and income.

There is a fun side to having your own bedroom! No more: its too hot, or too cold, or the bed is too hard, or too soft. Here are some pampering reasons for having a second master bedroom:

  • You can plan the configuration to have the views you want and sitting area for how you like to relax.
  • You can choose the furnishings to make the room to be just right for your comfort!
  • You get to choose the décor and colors for your room that are a reflection of you.
  • Instead of having a typical double sink, you may want to have one sink and a makeup vanity.
  • A no threshold walk-in shower is a must. Perhaps you want a soaker tub too?

Some states call this an accessory dwelling unit, so accessorize your home with more luxury!

Happy Home Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling!

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