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Consider Showering Habits When Bathroom Remodeling

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Delta faucets conduct surveys to better understand the needs of customers. Could these findings be an impetus to do a bathroom remodeling project? They interviewed 500 men and 500 women across the U.S. and discovered people use bathroom sinks in the same way, but showering has more of an emotional side and habits can vary greatly between males and females, between regions, and age groups. Overall they found that the majority shower in the morning, and more than 71% said showering is a very important part of their morning routine, 18% of them said it was more important that first cup of coffee! Ten percent of the mother’s reported, that if their shower routine was interrupted, the rest of their day was out of whack.


Who showers the most, and least? Climate, culture, and gender make amore of a difference than does areas effected by drought and water shortages. Adults in the South Atlantic (from the Carolinas down to Florida) take the most showers, averaging 8 or more a week. Those in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas shower the least, and tend to take their shower to wind down in the evening. Overall, men shower the most, and women shower the longest.


Who thinks the most in the shower? Forty seven percent of those in the East Central States (Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama) report that they do their best thinking in the shower.  Women report this as well.


How are Showers Used Differently? Females report using the shower to think, warm up, and relax. They will shave in the shower, and will follow shampooing with conditioning their hair more than men. Forty percent of the women report it is their opportunity for “me” time, whereas 28% of the men reported this.

Men are more likely to brush their teeth in the shower, and 22% of them will adjust the spray pattern and water flow when taking a shower, as compared to 15% of the women.

Those living in New England are more likely to also use the shower for other things, such as cleaning window screens or pets, or watering plants.

Adults under 35 want to step into a warm shower, men want room for their wives, and women want ambient music and lighting in the shower.

Water is a precious commodity, and Americans love their showers—something that continually drives Delta Faucet to improve water efficiency and experience in their products. Make sure you use a showerhead that conserves the use of water. Technology has improved in delivering large droplets so you need less to rinse, and that maintains temperature better. Consider getting a Tornado Body Dryer to pre-warm the space, and also keep you warm when you shut off the water to dry.


Happy Bathroom Remodeling!



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