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Top Five Bathroom Remodeling Elements for Long Lasting Luxury

floating vanity with stone wallThis month we celebrate National Kitchen and Bath Month! No other rooms get such national attention, for how well they are designed will affect our experience and value of the home. You can invest your remodeling budget well by using a reputable design-build remodeling firm with experienced bathroom remodeling designer. The knowledge of an experienced bathroom remodeling designer can help create a timeless, luxurious, spa-like bathroom.

What are the top creature comfort elements to include in your bathroom remodeling project? These can help take the bath from being average and ordinary to a higher level for years of added enjoyment.

Top Five Elements for a luxurious bathroom

  1. No threshold walk in shower Safety is important aspect to consider in a bathroom remodeling project, for wet surfaces are slippery and can be dangerous! Not having to see a curb to step over and eliminating needing to maintain balance in the process of getting out of the shower is peace of mind. To meet consumer demand, there are premade sloping tile pans, and attractive linear drains that can go on the back wall. If there is space to include a bathtub, people like the simple soaking tub, rather than jetted tubs.
  1. Groutless shower walls with attractive grab bars Everyone enjoys low maintenance care, and grout lines are places moisture can gather and mold can flourish.  Every shower and bath should include grab bars to help avoid falls. When the selection of grab bars are included in the design, they can look attractive. Avoiding falls in the bathroom is so important, for there are no soft places to land there!
  1. Vanity up off the floor Not only does it make access easier by not having to bend down as far to reach into the lower cabinet, It makes the room seem larger by seeing more floor underneath it.  You may want to include rope lighting underneath the cabinet for interest. That lighting can be soft on the eyes should one need to make a middle of the night bathroom visit.
  1. Underfloor radiant heating You can set the underfloor heating element on a timer to have a warm room welcome for first thing in the morning, or when you typically shower or bathe. If you dread the thought of feeling cold after turning off a warm shower, you may want to consider installing a Tornado Body Dryer, so you can step right into warm air swirling around you to dry you off.
  1. Elements of nature The look of the outdoors will never go out of style. Some popular options are engineered stone that looks like marble, a river rock floor inlay, and/or a stone accent wall

Happy Bathroom Remodeling Phoenix!


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