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Five Signs of a Quality Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling Project

phoenix kitchen remodeling

If you are looking to buy a home, the median age of the house on the market in Phoenix is over 20 years. A kitchen typically starts showing its age after ten years, so a Phoenix kitchen remodeling project should have occurred in that time. How do you know you are looking at a quality kitchen remodeling project, or just a cosmetic sprucing of fresh paint and granite countertops?

The biggest telling sign is listed as number one!

  1. Quality Cabinetry Open the drawers, how are they assembled? With staples? Or do they have dovetail corners? Do they have soft close mechanisms? Do the cabinet doors close together with no wood frame around it—frameless cabinetry offers more storage space.  Premium cabinetry will be other than oak with premium finishes.
  1. Kitchen Island with breakfast bar and second sink This feature is becoming standard in new homes, often finished with different countertop material than the rest of the kitchen. A breakfast bar is a great place to gather informally, can double as a buffet service. Homes generally have multiple cooks, necessitating a second sink and ample countertop space for meal preparation.
  1. Walk in Pantry It easier to store bulk items and keep adequately stocked when one can quickly see what needs to be replenished. It also helps to be inspired as to what to quickly create for dinner when you see all the options!
  1. Energy Efficient You may not be able to tell if appliances are energy star rated and watersense certified, but you can visually tell if the windows are energy efficient, and if there is good lighting design.
  1. Universal Design Elements Having a wall oven and raised dishwasher is gentler on the back to load and unload those appliances when they are higher off the ground. Do the lower cabinets have pull out shelves? Ample lighting is so important both for safety and the enjoyment of the kitchen. Good, quiet ventilation over the cooktop will get used rather than avoided. 

DuraSupreme kitchen island

If you are not in the market to buy a home, this can give you ideas of how to update your kitchen so you can enjoy your kitchen more, and attract discerning buyers later!

Happy Kitchen Remodeling Phoenix!




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