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Good Laundry Room Lighting

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06/16/14 4:57 AM

Laundry room lighting can make an impact on how you experience the space. Laundry room lighting can also affect your success at examining clothing to see if there are stains that need to be pretreated, or stains still present after washing that you don’t want to toss in the dryer where heat can further set it.

White and LED lights do not work well together, which can make doing a good job at laundry difficult if you can’t easily see discolorations or dinginess. Fluorescent lights are recommended for laundry room lighting.

laundry A study was conducted at Penn State to test if people could choose the whitest white under various types of lighting. They found that people could more correctly discern the brightest white with sunlight or fluorescent lighting, but had difficulty with LED lighting.

It seems that whiteners that manufacturers use contain materials that are not activated unless the color spectrum of the light includes violet or ultraviolet as found in fluorescent lights. Most current LED lights do not have those colors, but have blue instead.


beautiful laundry

–The experts at Penn State University also noted that white walls in an office and LED lighting do not work together well either.


Good remodeling design will create a well organized, uncluttered, brightly lit with fluorescent lights specified for laundry room lighting for an inviting space that you can enjoy spending time in.


Happy Home Remodeling!

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