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When does a Home Addition Make Sense

home addition phoenix

What do you do when you love your home, your neighborhood, and have your favorite places to shop, and a good commute and you don’t want to move, but your house seems to no longer be adequate? A home addition!  Maybe you need another bathroom, a quiet place, or a space for parents, family or friends to visit?  Maybe it needs a smarter floor plan layout with universal design. Should you do a home addition, or a interior home remodel?

A primary consideration in planning for a first floor home addition is your lot’s zoning regulations. You may not have much room to expand the footprint of your home, but one can usually build up!  There is typically a maximum lot coverage, e.g. buildings can only cover a certain percentage (like 40%) of the lot. There are also setback distances on all sides of the property lines. There may be a building height limit as well. If there is an HOA, one will need to check with their architectural committee. It is possible that an HOA is more restrictive than the city code. If there are restrictions, petitioning for a variance with the city is a possibility. Basically the rules are in the spirit of harmony and protecting home values, and if the addition fits into the architectural beauty and would not encroach on a neighbor’s enjoyment of their property, there is hope.

home addition phoenix

Another factor of when a home addition makes more sense than an interior remodel has to do with structure and utility considerations. It may be impractical moving a wall that is load bearing. It also can be more expensive to route needed plumbing to an interior remodel, versus to a home addition.  Just remember if you are adding on to a bedroom, a bedroom must have a window to escape in case of fire, and you may not put a window on th e side of a house considered a ‘”privacy wall,” where you couldn’t avoid looking at your neighbor.

If you really need to increase the space in your single story home, it may be more practical to build a second story. A bathroom can be designed to be a shorter distance to tie into the sewer line. You may opt for an AC unit for the addition on its own thermostat. You may need to get another electrical panel if the current one does not have sufficient space for additional breakers. Some people want a second master bedroom with a walk in shower and tub, and a walk in closet, and maybe amenities to make it a suite with a wet bar.  Some want the space for a game or hobby room, man or teen cave, an exercise room, a home office or library. There could be a need for additional bedrooms. Studies find people have a lot of joy when they remodel to make the house how they want and need it to be!

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