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Houzz Survey: Criteria for Choosing a Remodeler

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07/02/14 2:16 AM
general contractors phoenix az

general contractors phoenix az



More than 100,000 homeowners responded to the 2nd annual Houzz & Home Survey. Whether in the stage of life of a growing family or empty nesters, people want to do home remodeling to improve the flow and layout to facilitate their lifestyle, as well as update for the looks and increasing the value of their home. Another key motivation for home remodeling is to increase energy efficiency and comfort.


The Houzz & Home Survey included five choices of criteria to rate as, “very important” when hiring a professional for home remodeling. It is listed in order of most important to least, with the percentage that respondents said it is, very important.


  • Good Reviews & Recommendations: 81%

If you personally know someone in the area who has had a good remodeling experience, that is a good reference. For most, they need to look to third party review websites such as Angie’s List, to start their research of a company. After interviewing the company, you can ask for several recent similar projects for references if need be.

  • Expert in their Field: 70%

A professional remodeler will invest time in continuing education and industry shows to be familiar with innovative products new to the market. They will be a part of organizations such as National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and National Kitchen & Bath Association to name a few, and have had their skills certified by such organizations. They will have experience to offer, and be able to offer solutions to your needs and creative ideas for your wants, and help guide you to stay in budget.

  • Personality I Can Work With: 67%

With most people we can establish rapport, and choosing them has more to do with ideas they have to offer than personality. Sometimes there is person whose style makes two way communication difficult, and you just don’t seem to understand each other. Since you are entrusting someone with the transformation of your home, choose someone who is easy for you to work with.

  • Completed Projects Like Mine: 59%

Since remodeling is not something one can buy and assemble out of a box, nor is it something you can test drive first, it is comforting to know the company has delivered similar projects.

  • Lowest Cost Option: 8%

Having the lowest price isn’t a very important factor. If the market determines cost of labor and materials, the difference in cost has to do either with quality or level of customer service. A company committed to good customer service will have the management in place to orchestrate the coordination of schedules of trade professionals to deliver a finished project in a timely manner. It may cost a little bit more, but the experience and results will be worth it.


Happy Home Remodeling!

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